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      W my Kids
      Walking in a fleld to work.
      I had to enter and pass through a security gate and in that spot there there was a door w no staircase. It was the secret door. I knew about it as wondered why people weee using it or maybe I was concerned about who might find out about it that wasn’t supposed to.

      I used the normal staircase.

      Went downstairs and I found my room. The area I walked through people were milling about.

      I went into the room. There were military people all around. Dressed. In formal work uniforms not camo. I knew this bc of their patches.

      I was in a conference room and the person sitting across from me said “at 11 am the army will declare bankruptcy.”

      The man next to her scolded her for sharing that info bc it was classified. It was clear that info wasn’t to be shared w me.

      Walking in a coffee or to work I walked in w a Girl I didn’t know. She used (I think) the a secret staircase.

      I sit in the room. Realizing that I needed to complete paperwork and fax in documents that would shift a large portion retirement money from an IRA to silver.

      I started to wonder how I would send it through bc I didn’t have access to a scanner now.

      I then find myself in a room w a women I used to work with but has since moved to another team. She had go through my notebook to get paper. I was upset bc I thought she saw my forms for the silver purchase.

      She tore sheets in two to get what she needed.

      We leave that room and meet an apparently high ranking person w my company dressed in military clothing who proceeds to ask why we did not not inform the org that there was an early meeting there and no one from comms was included. We both reasoned that we weren’t not aware of the meeting. She asked if we knew anything else I said no even though I knew about the bankruptcy announcement but also knew I was not supposed to share that.

      I then somehow run to my brother in law’s (my husband left and divorce was final in ‘21. I am praying for restoration) house. I was on a bridge and it started to rain. I knew I had to get there. I had the boys (I have 3 boys) and my mom w me. (My dad passed away in ‘20).

      We got there and everyone was in a room celebrating.

      my oldest son asked something about the holiday. Oh he was asked about his Christmas list. He shared what he wanted and my BIL responded in a manner that seemed similar to how my husband would – kinda shutting it down and robbing joy. …like why are you asking for that.

      I shared the laugh and high fived my BIL. …this is not at all how I would have responded to my kid. I would have become angry at the dismissal.

      I felt awkward but grateful they welcomed me.

      The kids asked my niece for a christmas tree like the ones children of another friend has (those children and their parents are wonderful and I was sleeping at their house when I had this dream. We visited them for Thanksgiving and I noticed these wonderfully decorated Christmas trees in the kids’ bedrooms).

      I was oreoccupied w getting my info the silver guy.

      I knew I wouldn’t be able to fax it.

      I was in the kitchen and my BIL said something about why my husband left. I don’t remember now
      I said is that what you think happened and proceeded to share how seth made the choice to leave me. That I apologized and he still chose to break the vow. I was so angry.

      This is all I remember.

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      Hello DMS,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Are you currently or have been involved in the army directly or indirectly? This dream is either literal/prophetic as it pertains to the army (i.e., bankruptcy and I’m not sure if that’s even possible) or its metaphorical in terms of the army representing spiritual warfare and you being given insight, that is, your need to go into the secret place of the Lord (secret door) during this/ or future period of transition and chaos and a caution for you to not lean on your own understanding (staircase). I’m reminded of Proverbs 3:5.


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