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      I am a single
      Mother, I have a small toddler and I am not married and my child’s father is not consistent in his life. The Lord told me to move from California to Texas and I just needed to trust him. So I did, and that was almost 3 years ago. 6 months later I got a new job,I became a brand new first time homeowner. While doing the annual fast with Nicole, the Holy Spirit told me to move to another part of the city I live in. So I listened and went looking for a home there. I was not sure how all of this would happen, but the Lord worked it out and now I own 2 homes. One is renting now and I live in a 800 so ft bigger brand new home. I also had issues with my car recently. The check engine light was on and I was fighting to find out what was wrong. The car had internal engine failure and a day after I closed on the second home the Lord allowed me to get a brand new car I had been wanting in the color I wanted.. for only $100 more a month. I am in absolute awe and shock and exhausted from moving! But, I know the morning I closed on my second home all the memories of my past and not thinking any of this was possible just washed away and I realized God’s plans for me are so vast and grand I can’t even fathom them! God has showed up and showed out and taken the best care of my son and I. We have everything we need. The last thing I am waiting for is my kingdom spouse. All I can say is I am so GRATEFUL! Amazed,
      In awe of what God is doing and I’m so excited to see what else he will do! God bless

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