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      Onika Gabrielle

      HELP me please I’ve got no one I’m a close to him so satan keeps trying to kill me make me homeless and my own atheist famous family the Pinter sisters have treated me like Joseph’s family who sold him to slavery! I’m constantly battling suicide but God keeps bringing me back! I’m Losing hope the church has abused me called me bigger the black church has used me and robbed me! I’m alone no support system and losing my life to despair been abused 30 years my relatives tell me to kill myself from jealousy I’m the last Christian I’m my family line and I’m exiled for it. Help me please help me help me help me my phone never rings I’m in a civil war in portland hiding from white supremacy I’ve been raped 14 times and my kindness seems to be what gets me abused and nearly killed!

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      Onika, go to this website and sign up. Get on the mailing list

      Praying for you

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      We need Jesus

      Father in the name Jesus, we intercede for Onika Gabrielle – Father, we come before asking for protection for her mind, heart, spirit, and physical body according to Psalm 91. Father, we pray you to blow your perfect peace in her heart according to Isaiah 26:3. Father, we bind every demonic spirit and evil being that is tormenting, stealing, and physically and spiritually hurting your Daughter. We lose heaven army to rescue your Daughter. According to Matthew 16:18-19. Abba I decree Onika will live and not die prematurely. I come against suicidal thoughts right now In Jesus Name! According to your word in Psalm 118:17
      Daughter don’t give up God is with you.

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