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      I wanted to introduce you to two dreams I had. The first one I dreamed was pregnant and I said how I was doing in the dream and that I was sad and heartbroken after I lost the baby (I did not see it) as an abortion and I could see that I still had the umbilical cord hanging and I went to a hospital and a doctor treated me and was very kind to me and then gave me food. very strange that dream, in the dream i was also distraught because I asked how could I be pregnant if I am single, and I was more sad because I said that I wanted my children to be from 1 father (since I have 1 daughter but I am not with her father).

      The second dream saw me on a platform like those used for construction, approximately 15 feet high. At the top there was a wooden board like a big one and then I saw that I was washing in a washing machine. then I got scared and felt that I was going to fall because they were only some sticks that supported the platform. Then in my dream I fell down and felt like I hurt my body. then I saw a huge white plastic tank with water that fell and the water spilled on the ground. I felt worried because in my dream it belonged to my sister who was going to be very angry with me because those were for her.

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