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      I’m requesting prayer for my husband. My husband and I have been in a stressful season with his job. He could use an extra blessing today. Thank for your love and care.

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      I thank you Lord, Jehovah Jireh for providing Joy’s husband with a job. It is your will Yahweh for every man to work for you say in your word, if we don’t work then we do not eat. 2 Thessalonians 3:8. Joy is waiting for her husband to put food on the table. Lord locate a job of this man so he can take care of his family as you command all men in your word to do.1 Timothy 5:8

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      Dear Blessed,
      thank you for your prayers. My husband has a job which is requiring him to take on more responsibilities while his boss is gone. I never told him that I was requesting prayer and I had also ask someone else for prayer. Not even a minute after posting on this site he sent me a text saying “Praise God”. (something favorable had happened) I was surprised and thankful. He later told me he could feel God’s favor.
      I want to thank you all who said a prayer for us. And thank you God that you hear us and love us. Amen.

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      Dear Lord, we pray for all round peace for Joy’s husband. We pray he entered his place of rest at his job, in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

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      Hi Joy, I pray for Gods blessings and favor shine upon your husband and bless him in his workplace and put favor in his employees heart.For our God has the heart of kings in his hand, I pray he turn the heart of your husband boss for good towards him and fulfill his heart desires, and give you all peace in Jesus name. I take your stress to King Jesus, our burden bearer to give you and your husband a light burden and easy yoke at your work places in Jesus mighty name. God bless.

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      I’m requesting a prayer for my husband.
      We have been financially in a stressful situation. Because of his work situation certain debts could not be covered, including our bond payment which must be paid tomorrow (Saturday). My husband has rashes all over his body. I’m not sure if it’s about our finances.We have been treating it but its getting worse.
      Thankyou so much for the prayer.
      I really appreciate it..
      Love & blessings

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