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First pray and then proceed to read the interpretation. I don’t know if you have children or how old you are, but clearly there is something going on in your reproductive organs. First you dreamed you were in the “EARLY” stages of pregnancy even though you are not pregnant in the natural. This means that you are still vital and able to have children. Secondly you were determining with your husband whether or not to carry the baby full term or receive treatment (which would mean abortion). Plain and simple, you were determining whether or not to let your child/children “LIVE or DIE” by discussing the treatment options that would result in INFERTILITY! Also notice the word ABORTION! Abortion is against the will of God always! The Lord is saying it is not his will for you to kill the child or children to come! I don’t care what the doctors say! Do not let them take your reproductive organs or do anything to your body that results in sterilization. Satan has attacked your womb is trying to kill the child/children to come. He doesn’t want him/them to see the light of day! You need to take care of yourself but do not use modern medicine! Their are God given treatments that are AMAZING at healing and completely reversing any female problems within days! Look to Ozone therapy, Royal Rife Healing Frequencies (GB 4000). Study Dr. Sebi and go on an herbal fast that rids your body from any mucus build up. May God bless you and may you take heed the warning he has given you. Amen & Amen!