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This grand home is your life, your purpose, your destiny. There are parts of your destiny that are blocked. You need to pray that God reveals to you what is blocking access to these rooms. Take them one room at a time, specifically ask him “what does this rope signify?” whatever he shows you needs to be addressed. Then you will no longer see the rope and you move to the next room in your dreams and so and so forth. These blocks can be demonic, people you need to remove from your life, your habits and mindset. Even unbelief. You need to address them one at a time. The rowboat and the oar was progress but still something that you needed to use your flesh (rowing) to achieve. So there are things that you are doing in your own flesh. You need to relinquish control to God and allow him to guide you. Fulfilling your destiny and purpose in life will be that much harder if you attempt to do it in your flesh
Hope this helps.