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My husband and I were driving along a dark road late at night in some kind of all-terrain SUV, maybe a Jeep. It was really windy and the wind was howling. Then there was a flash of lightning and we saw ahead of us on the road a gigantic twister split into two twisters, moving away from each other. All was dark again but the howling was louder. The twisters were coming toward us, so my husband drove off the road and somehow managed to rip off one of the doors so we could hold it tight over our heads in the grass. The door was being wrenched from us.
I felt the need to command the spirit away from us in Jesus’ name, so I did over and over again. And then I kinda woke up and said it out loud, just saying “in Jesus’ name” over and over again,and then i heard a firm, evil voice in my ear, clear as day say, “No.”