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I’ve been dreaming of tornadoes for a little over a year now. The first: my husband, daughter and I were walking home from the park. It was a beautiful day but suddenly a tornado came. I remember shouting for my husband to pick up our daughter and head for the house. I then shouted down the street at the top of lungs warning everyone that a tornado was coming. After warning everyone I ran to our place and when I got to our carport we were then surround by tornadoes. We were able to just stare at them and they weren’t allowed on our property. I remember feeling God’s protection.

Second dream: We were driving along the interstate towards a city where the roads start to loop and intertwine because of the on and off ramps and exchanges. A tornado suddenly comes. We pull over by a bridge and I tell my family to go under it. I run out towards the traffic to warn others of the tornado. People start to gather under the bridge. This time I saw lots of destruction and not only was there a tornado but an earthquake too! Everything all around us collasped but those of us under the bridge were safe. The people under the bridge were people from church. I remember having a familiar feeling but I can’t remember who they were.

Third dream: I was walking in a giant shopping center/mall and as I was walking out of it. I defended down some steps and I saw a tornado coming. I gasped and in a panic I went around shouting, “God told me when they come in three’s that it marks the beginning of the end!” In the dream I recognized this was my third tornado dream. I just kept running to people and repeating it.

The fourth: This occurred last night. I was at a big home with a couple from church. I saw a tornado coming in the distance. It was far off. I warned everyone there was a tornado. A woman looked at and said it was small and far off, she didn’t seemed concerned. I stood watch and saw it not only get closure but grown in size and turn to black and purple. I went back and told them it was bigger but they still would not go downstairs. I went to watch again and this time it split into three separate tornadoes. I frantically turned around to tell tell them it was now three. The woman finally believed me and was desperately trying to grab some sort red object but it was too late and she got knocked down by a sudden rush of people heading to the basement. I woke up and had to take care of my newborn son so I didn’t think much about the dream until later but now I can’t remember the faces.