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Hi Maureen,

All of these are connected to the same thing. I have to say that there is something going on in your church or your personal life where falsehood has crept in and you need to be careful of that. You need to pray about this further and ask God to show you what it is. If you hear something being preached that you know is not correct in your spirit, don’t rationalize it regardless of what anyone says.

If you know it is not correct, you need to approach it as falsehood. I think God wants to cleanse you from this in order for you to identify the mate He has for you. Otherwise, you will align yourself with falsehood and then select a life partner that is also falsehood.

With that says, let’s look at your dreams.
1. You saw a rat, knew it was bad and tried to get rid of it so you chased it and it went to a higher platform (this is authority) then in you pursuing it jumped on you. This means that if you confront the falsehood/foul unclean spirit it will turn against you. You need to prepare yourself for this so when it happens you are not surprised.
2. You are back at the church altar. Pigs have no business being there and you know that but again you are told to back off. This is the falsehood again in your place of worship. The owner of these pigs should not have access to the altar but they do. Pigs are unclean beasts according to the bible.

3 and 4. These have to do with how you approach the 1st and 2nd dream. Because you refused to go along with these false spirits you will be celebrated with the cake and the white gown from Christ and purple flowers which is a sign of royalty. And you continue to the altar.

5.Knowing what you know about the altar the question is which altar is it? The one where the pigs and rat dwell or the one that is clean and pure? This is where you will have to make a choice. That’s why you have 3 suitors. They are not all from God. 2 of these are going to be aligned with pigs and rat and there is only one that is from God. You have to pray for the gift of discerning of spirits and determine which one of the 3 is for you from God. Don’t allow your desires to bring you out of the will of God. The covenant of marriage can either make or break your destiny so one wrong choice will send you down the path of destruction.

Don’t rush into it. The enemy knows this is your hearts desire so he’s going to send you the counterfeit.

6. This is the counterfeit foul unclean spirit (pigs and rats) that are going to try to get you to align with them.

Choose wisely.

Maureen, don’t rush into anything. God will send you someone. With time and much prayer everything will be revealed. For now what you should focus on is your place of worship and that your heart is also free from any pigs and rats. Ask God to reveal any hidden sin and continue to cleanse yourself and wait for Him.

God bless you.