Prophetic Word for December 2023

prophetic word for December 2023

Prophetic word for December 2023 is titled the Season of Nothingness.   This is the “in between place”.  That place located between your Egypt and your promise land.

Sometimes we can think of this as the place of transition.  Sometimes this transitional place can feel like it is taking forever and you’re constantly asking the Lord “are we there yet?”

Just imagine being dropped in the middle of US Highway 50, which is known as the Loneliest road in America.  It is 3,000 miles long.  If you got dropped off in the middle you don’t know if you are headed to Las Vegas or California because all you are looking at around you is NOTHING.

Who is this word for?  Those of you who are waiting for what God has promised you and you feel as if nothing is happening.

I don’t quite remember how I got into this conversation with the Lord but we somehow ended up in a conversation where I was asking Him about these seasons of nothingness.  Like sometimes it just feels like things are drawn out extra long and what is the point of that?

I’m not talking about going through spiritual warfare.  I’m talking about nothing.  Bubkas as they say in Yiddish,

The Lord told me that when you feel like nothing is happening, something is happening.  Yes, He said to tell you that there is never nothing happening.  Something is happening you are just not paying attention to what is happening! Ha!

You’re so focused on the destination that you are missing all the lessons that you are learning in between.  Then He brought my attention to the Israelites leaving Egypt crossing over the Red Sea to the promised land. They wanted to cross the Red Sea and end up in the promised land the next day.  No “in between” place.  After all the trauma and drama of escaping the Egyptians they thought they deserved to just land there immediately. I’ve been through enough, I think I should get this now.  Why can’t we just cut off all this unnecessary wait time?  All this space.  Nothingness.

Why eat an entire muffin when you can just eat the muffin top?  Just cut off the bottom!

I’m waiting for the genius that’s going to have a bakery that sells bread ends! Especially when it’s freshly baked and still warm!  One entire loaf of bread ends! LOL

Tell me you are not the one asking for the cake corners at the birthday party because it has more icing or the corners of the macaroni and cheese because it’s crispy!  We just LOVE the ends, we don’t want the “in between” stuff.  Skip to the end.

So I asked the Lord, tell me what happens in this nothingness and He said 2 things happen.

You will learn a lot about you.  And, you will learn a lot about Me.

Let’s start with the map of the Israelites journey.   I selected this map because it best represented this message and how God wanted me to deliver this to you.

In between Egypt (Goshen) and the Promised land is nothingness. The Sinai Peninsula and Wilderness.  Shur, Zin, Paran.


From this map what I want you to take note of is that once they left Egypt, they crossed the Red Sea and could’ve gone in the direction of the Wilderness of Shur to the Promised land.  Instead they went south.  After going south they go around and get to Ezion Geber and instead of going straight ahead they make a loop and basically ended in the same place they started.  They did a “loopty loop” and got back to the same spot.  Just a block down the road.

Kinda like that driver weaving through the traffic, that cuts everyone else off, almost caused an accident only for all of you to end up at the same traffic light 3 blocks down the road.  What was the point of all that?

Employing every strategy to get ahead only to realize you are back to the same place that you’re trying to escape.

1. What you learn about you

The truth.  I think you learn the truth about yourself.  It’s rather easy to blame other people when there is a bunch of people around you.  Especially, if their ugly stuff is screaming much louder than yours.  It’s easy to be looking in other areas and get distracted when there is a bunch of stuff happening.  But when things are calm and there’s nowhere else to look, you have to look at yourself.  You learn about you.  Going back to the picture of US Highway 50, if there are no other buildings and you just past 1 building on that 3,000 mile journey, you won’t miss it.  You will be able to describe it clearly because there was nothing around it.  In the nothingness, you are going to see you.

So what have you learnt about yourself?  You couldn’t really see that the Israelites liked to grumble and complain because the Egyptian slavery screamed louder than that.  You may even excuse their behavior then thinking they had a right to be grumbling and complaining.  But when they are out in nothingness with no one to shift the blame, it is very clear they liked to grumble and complain.

You never noticed that they were idol worshippers (the golden calf – Exodus 32) until there was no Egyptian idols around to draw your attention away from what they were doing. That’s when you start to see their idolatry.

You start to notice the areas where you still need to work on yourself.

Romans 5:3-5 AMP

And not only this, but [with joy] let us exult in our sufferings and rejoice in our hardships, knowing that hardship (distress, pressure, trouble) produces patient endurance; and endurance, proven character (spiritual maturity); and proven character, hope and confident assurance [of eternal salvation]. Such hope [in God’s promises] never disappoints us, because God’s love has been abundantly poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

There’s a process and you move through stages in the in between.

Here’s what the Lord doesn’t want you to do, sweep it under the rug, find some strategy to get around it without addressing it with the Lord. Or worse yet, justify it.  Please don’t!  I believe when you do that is when you do the good ole “loopty loop”.

It’s like you think you got away with that thing, and it just comes back because you never dealt with it.

The same problem you had in November and December 2022, is the same problem you have now in 2023.  It didn’t change because you didn’t change.  You just ran from it.  You did a loop and ended up right back at your “Ezion Geber” 3 blocks down the road.

Next time, it will be back around May or June!  Why?  Because you’re closer to your promised land!  And the closer you get is the quicker it loops.

It’s like He’s making you see why you’re still in a holding pattern, waiting.

Think of Moses, his anger issues showed up in Egypt (Exodus 2:10-12) and he didn’t deal with it, so then it showed up again in the wilderness (Exodus 32:19) and he still didn’t deal with it, and then it showed up again (Numbers 20:10-12).  That thing loops!  When God decides He’s dealing with us on something, we can’t escape it.

Here’s what I LOVE about the Lord, He could’ve dealt with you in front of people while you are in the midst of your promise, but He didn’t do that.  He brought you into a place of nothingness, nobody around to see Him dealing with you and this is where He brings it up.  It’s a private matter.

Nobody is seeing it because nothing is happening.  So that when you get to where you’re going, it has already been handled.  You are free from those thought patterns, that behavior, that attitude, that habit.

While you are so focused on your destination (promised land), God is saying focus on this something that I am showing you now.

Something is happening.

Prayer:  Abba, Please help me to be free of ___________(list the things He is showing you)__________.  The next time I am heading down the path to do this, Holy Spirit please arrest my spirit and show me what I am about to do.  Then grant me the grace I need to change.  Show me how to make another choice.  Show me the path out of it. Show me the correct decision so that I may be free from this, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


2. What you learn about Him

In the midst of the nothingness, the Israelites learnt something about God.  He revealed Himself to them in ways that they never knew Him before.  These are the names of God that they learnt during that period of time.

Jehovah-Rapha – The Lord Who Heals (Exodus 15:26)

Whatever illness, sickness, debilitating disease you have God is willing to heal.  Ask Him to heal you in the midst of your nothingness.  You want to enter the promised land healed.

Jehovah-Nissi – The Lord Our Banner (Exodus 17:15)

He will fight for you!  When you enter the promised land, God is letting you know that whatever enemies or giants you will encounter, HE is going to take them out for you.

El-Kanno – The Jealous God (Exodus 20:5)

Do not put any idols before Him.  HE is your source.  He is your provider.  He is your protector so He fights for you.  There is no need for you to fear. You do not need anyone else but GOD.  Do not idolize what was promised to you.  Do not idolize your own opinion.  Exalt absolutely nothing above the God and His word.

Adonai Mekaddishkhem – The LORD Your Sanctifier (Exodus 31:13)

To sanctify something is to make it holy. God called the Sabbath day Holy.  It is a day of rest.  YOU should rest.  Have one day when you rest and focus on the Lord.  The next thing is that the God who sanctifies is able to cleanse you and make you holy from the thing He will show you about yourself.  Trust Him.  He’s available for you to address it with Him and know that He will show you how to overcome that.

Jehovah Go’el – Kinsman redeemer (Leviticus 25:26)

Boaz was Ruth’s kinsman redeemer.  He redeemed her when the one who was really next in line to do it, didn’t.  That man didn’t see how valuable Ruth was, instead he saw her as a liability. Well, God has already redeemed you.  He paid the price for you when He died on the cross.  When you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, He paid for you.  You have been redeemed from a life of sin and eternal death.  You belong to Him.  He paid the price already.  God says YOU are worth it. If He had to do it all over again, He would do it just for you. Never should you feel rejected.  Never should you feel abandoned.  Never should you feel alone.  You are a HIGH VALUE man.  You are a HIGH VALUE woman.  The world should never dictate your worth or value.  God has already called you HIGH VALUE.  Why else would He die for you?  MVP.  The person God has for you, will value you.  They will know your worth and you won’t need to convince them of anything.

El Rachum – The God Of Compassion (Deuteronomy 4:31)

Whew!  I so need the compassion of God. Don’t you?  He is a merciful God.  I think I would’ve given up on me a long time ago.  But still His mercies are new every morning.  And, because He keeps no records of wrongs He just sees you as new every day.  He gives you another chance to get it right. When we need to be forgiven by others, He’s imposing a 70×7 policy.  Like, who does that? 70×7 is not for first time offenders, you know that right?  This is for the people who repeatedly get it wrong.  He never gives up on us and He’s telling us not to give up on others as well.    Have compassion for people.

El Hanne’eman – The Faithful God (Deuteronomy 7:9)

In a world, where things are changing so fast, it is good to know that we can count on God.  Is He going to do what He says?  YES. He is faithful.   Even in the moments when we are faithless, He is faithful (2 Timothy 2:13).  When others haven’t been so faithful to us, He’s still faithful.  That brings me so much comfort.

El Haggadol – The Great God (Deuteronomy 10:17)

He’s great, grand, awesome!  No matter what the problem is that you face, God is bigger than that.  Nothing can stop Him from showing up in your life,  He is GREAT.

This is how God revealed Himself to the Israelites in their season of nothingness.  It was during this period of time that God laid the foundation and told them what He expected from them in the promised land.

Your season of nothingness is when you receive the BLUEPRINTS for your promised land.

This is a super important season.  How do you receive the blueprints?  Supernaturally.

This was the season when God fed them with the supernatural bread of heaven.  Manna (Exodus 16).  It fell from heaven everyday and they went out picked it up fresh and then rested on the Sabbath. You can’t be operating off of an old word.  You need a new word.

You need to get the “fresh bread” everyday by reading the word of God daily and spending time with the Bread of Heaven (Jesus – John 6:31-35).  Through your daily reading of the Bible and spending time with the Lord, He will begin to reveal the blueprints to you of where you are going and what He’s expecting from you when you get there.

The Lord is saying to you today,  something is happening even when it seems like nothing is happening.  He’s going to reveal you to you.  And. He’s going to reveal Himself to you.

He is able.  You’re not disqualified from anything. Whatever He reveals to you about yourself, remember that you will overcome because He overcame it.


7 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for December 2023”

  1. We are to begin a new bible study series on Exodus 14 by next year. This is a confirmation from the Holy Spirit. May the LORD guide us and imparts wisdom to our bible study group so we could receive the spiritual blessings of studying His word. Thank you MOP for this. GOD bless you!

  2. Thank you for this word- much needed! Waiting on God for the blueprint for the days, weeks and months ahead! Excited about 2024! He promised to be with us! Yes JESUS!

  3. I am in a state of transition where I know I am about to step into God’s full purpose and calling in my life. Many wonderful things are happening. I found a new home church where the Holy Spirit is strongly felt, teachings are scriptual and the pastor has the same calling for SF that I feel. On faith, I resigned my 25 year position in law enforcement and created my own company to be self employed. This direction has also been confirmed by many wise counselors. However, I have been feeling stuck and like things are not moving fast enough. Thank you for this reminder that this season of transition is not a wasteful time, but has a spiritual purpose to learn about myelf and God.

  4. These wonderful scriptures about God’s character, always speaking Life, blessing and goodness toward us are the perfect keys I need for a friend stuck in negativity, who didn’t respond to testimony.
    Your positive God-centered outlook always communicated in every prophetic post is an amazing testimony to your nearness to the Heart of Life.

  5. This word is for me. I’ve been on this wilderness journey for almost 7 years now. Isolated and pulled back/out of church. Moved from one place to another. I am practically living in my suitcase. After prayerfully seeking God’s counsel in September 2016, I left my job not knowing that I would go through hardship over these 7 years of trial and testing. I remain confident though that my Redeemer leaves. He is faithful to do what He said He would do.
    Bless His Holy name.

  6. I picked up a friend from the airport last night and we were discussing the period between the start and finish of a journey. You can’t know the in between unless you take the journey by faith. This December prophetic word really encouraged me as I was getting frustrated waiting but now I know it’s not a season to be wasted. Thank You!

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