Prophetic Word for 5783

prophetic word 5783

This is the Prophetic Word for 5783 and 2023. This is Part 1

5783 on the Hebraic Calendar begins at Sundown on September 25th. There will be 2-3 parts to this prophetic word.

The Lord gave me specific things for 5783 and then another list for 2023.

I asked Him for a prophetic forecast for 5783. These things you should start seeing them by the end of this month through to the end of the year and then into next year. He said:

5783 is about Truth & Justice.

Your eyes are going to be wide open.  The choice is yours.

Truth reveals; Deception conceals.

The enemy is going to become very emboldened.

Evil will become so bold that fear will grip the hearts of many.

You will be entering lean times.  You must steward what you have very well.

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

I am creating innovative & creative ways for my people to make it through the difficult times.

There will be triple blessings for the delays.

Tight spaces and near misses. You must remain close to Me to make it through.

Pray in Tongues and Ask for wisdom.


I want to share what I was feeling in my spirit and the visions I saw when He was saying this to me.

5783 is about Truth & Justice. Your eyes are going to be wide open.  The choice is yours.  Truth reveals; Deception conceals.

Do you know all those prayers we’ve been praying for exposure?  Well, we are all about to see very clearly. Everything is about to be exposed.  The truth will become evident for all of us to see.  As He said your eyes are going to be wide open.  He’s saying the choice is yours because after the truth is revealed you will then need to make a choice concerning that truth.

It caused me to think about what a revelation of the truth really means.  You know, sometimes we can make the wrong decisions because we didn’t know the truth.  There is a high possibility that once you know the truth you may make different decisions.  The choice is yours.

This truth is going to trigger God’s Justice.  There will be consequences based on the revelation.

When the time comes, you are going to know 100% what this means -the choice is yours.  I saw people’s faces in shock, like their mouth fly open in shock at some of the things that will be revealed.  Then there was a second layer of truth and it is this, once the truth comes out you will then get a chance to see how others, in authority and even your family members, react to that truth.  You will be in shock because you are about to be surprised that even after knowing the truth there are going to be many that will still endorse what is a known evil.

There will no longer be anything hidden because only deception chooses to conceal relevant information.  Get ready to be shocked.

The enemy is going to become very emboldened.  Evil will become so bold that fear will grip the hearts of many.

The Lord showed me that the enemy is very much aware that this exposure is coming to many.  People are waking up, one by one, and he has started to accelerate things in the spirit.  Do you know how we pray for an acceleration of the things of God?  Well, there’s also a demonic acceleration happening.  The enemy wants to fast forward on the evil plans so that we don’t have the chance to back out or get prepared and before more people awaken to the truth.

As a result, the enemy is becoming very sloppy.  Obvious.  He’s starting to do things out in the open.  Almost like no longer hiding the evil.  People will be shocked at the bold ways in which the evil will be operating.  To the point where they will become fearful.  Some will possibly feel like giving up like “what’s the point?” since they are going to do it anyway.  That is a lie.  He wants you to become paralyzed with fear, motionless, helpless, lose hope and afraid to stand up… so that he’ll continue with the evil plan.  IT’S NOT TRUE! Push back.  The enemy will try to rule you with fear.  Just don’t allow it.

You will be entering lean times.  You must steward what you have very well.  Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Listen, you are about to see some amazing deals on stuff.  Now is not the time for frivolous spending.  GOD SAYS, lean times therefore you have to steward what you have wisely.

Don’t go spending a bunch of money to buy things you really don’t need.  Unless it is for some business idea that God has given you for this season.  Black Friday?  Stay home!  Stay off of online shopping.  If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.  You are going to need that money down the road.  Do not spend unnecessarily, OK?

Then He gives the scripture from the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18).  This just means you need to remember to be armored up once you start to see these things happening.  Here’s a book that will help you with this.

I am creating innovative & creative ways for my people to make it through the difficult times.

I can’t help but feel that the money that you are not going to be spending frivolously might be used to start the innovative and creative “thing”.  HE IS GOING TO GIVE YOU A WAY TO LIVE.  Live well!  Through the difficult times that are upon us.  I love this!

Isaiah 43:1-3

But now thus says the Lord,
he who created you, O Jacob,
    he who formed you, O Israel:
“Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by name, you are mine.
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
    and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you;
when you walk through fire you shall not be burned,
    and the flame shall not consume you.
For I am the Lord your God,
    the Holy One of Israel, your Savior.

Notice, the scripture doesn’t say you won’t go through it.  No, you’re going to have to go through it with everyone else.  The idea is that GOD is going to make a way for you to go through it and come out on the other side with your mind, body, spirit and soul intact! You will be fine.

But can I tell you something?  If you don’t stay close to HIM during this time?  You’ll never know what to do.  Remember, innovative and creative.  I don’t think these are things you will be able to come up with on your own.  These are all going to be downloaded to you from heaven.

Innovative – introducing new methods that are advanced and original.

Creative – relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work

He’s the only One that can give you this.

There will be triple blessings for the delays.  <<<<<THIS!!!

When He said to me triple blessing for your delays, I said to Him I thought it was double for your trouble?  He said Yes this is when you already have something and the enemy comes to give you trouble over it.  But when it’s a delay, you get TRIPLE.

Let me clarify this, Job had his blessings/promises already and the enemy came in and destroyed it – that was trouble -and then he needed to be restored and he got double for his trouble.  When there is a delay, you have yet to see the promise of God (things you never had or seen before) and the enemy brings about delays to stop you from ever seeing it.  That’s the difference between the two.

You know, when the enemy realizes what God is about to do in your life, he attempts to delay it because he is well aware that he cannot stop it. He drags it out so that you get frustrated, and you give up on it.  When he attempts to stop what God has promised you, you end up with even more than the original promise. Guaranteed!

The enemy will use people to do this.  Sometimes it’s not even the enemy it’s just people and their flesh. They attempt to delay what belongs to you when they are in a position to help you or have authority over you.  Sometimes they’ll even see it in the spirit before you do and try to stop it. Instead of helping you they obstruct you.  They put all kinds of obstacles in the way to prevent you from getting what God has for you.  Even in prayer through witchcraft they will pray against what they know God is doing in your life.  Why?  Jealousy.  They want it for themself.  They think someone else should get it and not you.  My kid should have that not yours.  My family needs it more than yours.  My son should marry her not yours.  I should get that promotion not you.  Happens all the time.  Then they start to manipulate and control things to stop you from getting it. Delaying tactics.

I said to the Lord where in the bible is this triple blessing for the delay?  LOL  Yes, imagine me asking Jesus where is this in the bible?

The Lord told me to read the story of Jacob and Laban to see an example of this.  You can read it in Genesis 30 – 31.

When I first started reading this story it appears that Jacob was being a little shyster. He asked Laban for Rachel as his wife and told Laban he would work for 7 years to get her.  It is very clear that Jacob really didn’t have anything for himself during this time.  Otherwise, he would be paying Laban with livestock instead of working it off in hard labor, right?  So, fair to say he’s broke.

He worked for 7 years and instead of getting Rachel, Laban tricked him and gave him Leah instead and told him he needed to work for 7 more years.  He had to work for 14 years to get what was promised to him.  Delays caused by a deceitful father-in-law.  After he finally got Rachel, he then realizes that he needs to leave but he has no money, livestock, of his own so then he comes up with a plan because he knows Laban is very deceptive.

This tells us that he was working “slave worker wages” if after 14 years he still has nothing. Can you imagine?  After he made Laban richer than he was?   He said he would take the spotted and striped livestock after working for Laban for 6 more years and Laban can take all the solid color, unblemished ones.  This way it would be clear which animal belonged to each of them.

In the midst of this delay, God gives him a dream that tells him how to increase his livestock (innovative and creative).  It seems a little deceptive until he says clearly (Genesis 31:9-13), God gave him a dream and told him how to do it.  When he finally left Laban, he ended up with more than what Laban had. You see, Laban kept moving the goalpost.  He kept changing the rules and delaying what belonged to Jacob.  Therefore, God stepped in and gave Jacob more!  God basically says “ok, you want to play that game?  I’m about to give him more than what he came here for in the first place!”

Now you may say, how do you get triple blessing out of this because the bible never says how much livestock Jacob left with.

Let’s break it down….

All Jacob wanted was Rachel.  That was it.  If everything was done in honesty, he would’ve worked for 7 years and left with Rachel and Bilhah… and he would still be broke.  With the two women, he had 4 children (Benjamin was born after they left). That’s it.

Instead, what happened?  When he left, he had 2 wives, 2 maid servant (Bilhah and Zilpah) and 12 children (4 x 3=12), and more livestock (wealth and riches) that the person that tried to delay and enslave him.  So what’s that??? LOL

(Gensis 30:43)

As a result, Jacob’s flocks increased rapidly and he became very wealthy, with many servants, camels, and donkeys.”

Pay up Laban!

Your DELAYS, when they are in place by the enemy’s plots and not of God, are actually INCREASING AND MULTIPLYING your blessings, daily.  It’s like daily interest is being charged in the realm of the spirit and will be credited to your account, shortly.  You’re getting PAID FOR THE DELAYS!  LOL HALLELUYAH!


We are not allowed to use people and not pay them their due.  Or stand in the way of someone else’s blessing. In the end, God will make sure people get what is owed to them.

Here is the prayer.  Pray it aloud….

Elohim, I ask for the Triple repayment of the blessings and promises that are due to me this year 5783 for the things that have been delayed by the enemy.  After it has been credited to me, remind me of this word and your promises as outlined in the scriptures. In a dream, in a vision, audibly, through Your word, download into my spirit, innovative and creative ways and ideas needed to make it through 5783 and beyond, in Jesus name, Amen!

When it finally shows up it will be more than what you asked for.  More. Three times more.

Tight spaces and near misses. You must remain close to Me to make it through. Pray in Tongues and Ask for wisdom.

Stay close to God.  Some of you are going to escape some treacherous places, people and situations by the skin of your teeth.  You gotta stay close to God otherwise you won’t know when you need to GET OUT OF THERE!

Trust your spirit.  If you go somewhere or feel like you shouldn’t go…don’t go. You just don’t know what is about to happen.  He said tight spaces and near misses.  What does that mean to you?  It means you cannot afford to ignore when your spirit is saying to you “something is up here”

There’s nothing for you to be afraid of, the minute you have these situations I am sure the Holy Spirit is going to tell you.


I have to stop here because I feel like I have already given you so much.  I’ll pick it up next week with the rest of the 5783/2023 Prophetic Word.

What has God been saying to you for the rest of this year?  Write it in the comments.


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16 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for 5783”

  1. The media and wealthy invested are on a rampage to get people to move their money to certain stocks. Take your money and invest it in their boat. But it is a scam a sceme a last minute plot. They know it is all going to crash and they are doing this to get more money. So at just the right moment which you will not be privy to they will pull all their money out. They will be standing on the shore with all your cash as the boat their ” bull” burns…

  2. Timely word. The lean times have started for me in unexplainable ways (meaning it’s illogical in the way it happened), but i also see God’s wisdom shining through, and separating between the chaff and the weed, near misses yet moving forward. Thank You, Father, for the upcoming triple blessings, and the acceleration that is according to Your purpose, IJN. amen.

  3. God has asked me to have Him give me HIS love for others. To forgive others daily. To not be angry and know His promises are for ME! We have stocked our cupboards with food. Cash, and water, so thankful for His provisions.

  4. I have not been pressing completely in regarding the end of the year (Gregorian calendar) but I do feel there is a “shift” and something “new” happening. We say it all of the time but I do believe this is a new that we have not corporately or individually seen before! God’s got us! He is with us! He goes with us wherever we go and He will blow our minds! (Hab 1:5)

  5. This is such a good, tasty word! I have to chew on it some more! This word is confirmation to what my pastor recently preached: not only is God with us but He will open up our eyes to see what we need to see in this season! I was just recently meditating on the word about Jacob/Laban! Hallelujah for confirmation! I ask God to uncover what is hidden and protect me in the midst of what is exposed! God has definitely been giving me more than what I’ve asked for concerning blessings and I am excited about the blessings that are to come in this upcoming year! No more delay!

  6. A couple of years back , the Lord asked me to save the equivalent of three years wages . Well I started and have not been as diligent as expected . But amazingly , God somehow made a way to see that I have the equivalent of three years wages . Up to now I still don’t know what it will be used for . I recently almost decided to spend it all and the Lord reminded we wait – he reminded me of the dream you shared where houses would be bought for the cheap . And he said not yet – I somehow feel we are about to get to the time when what He has prepared us for is due . But also , over the last three months he’s repeatedly taken me through trials and tests and reminded me – that in many of them I have to make choices on the path I have to take , but also when I am restored and overcome I should do the same for my brothers . More importantly He has not let any test and trial overtake me but asked me to be keen and learn from these . Thank you for the word you have shared for 5783. Blessings .

  7. Thank you Lord.l have been told to stay in The Secret Place…this should be my life style as long as l am here on earth.l was told that Psalms 91 will be a reality as long as am in the secret place..l was also given Jeremiah 17 v 7-8…Thank you ever refreshed and armored by your messages.God be exalted for ever and ever .Shalom.

  8. God has blessed me financially without me even trying, and I know it is for a purpose not yet revealed. He has also told me to prepare for what is to come in the next few months. Ever since I was a child, I have known and been told God had big plans for my life, but I also know I have not fully stepped into His purpose for my life. He has spent the past 30+ years molding and refining me only as the potter can, and He has recently revealed that I am on the precipice of stepping into that purpose but that I need to be patient a little while longer and trust Him.

  9. He’s been telling me to save up all my money, like as much as possible, He blessed me with a new job, bringing in a lot of income, & I’ve been feeling these urges in my spirit to not spend ! Please pray for me , that I have the discipline to SAVE’!

  10. Praise God MOP you are indeed a Prophetess of all our times. I concur with you on this first part of the prophetic word. God has been telling me that there is going to be alot of exposure coming year and musch of it will be from the enemy to bring mankind to a place of dear and intimidation. Thanks for always sharing. God bless you.

    1. Good Morning. Thank you for the word. I had a dream a while back where I was a passenger. We were three generations of my family in the car. We had to drive on a road through something like a road block. On either side of the road there were 2 groups of men having a shoot out at each other. The road and atmosphere were grey and dark. We had to drive through is “war”/shoot out. I felt and saw how Jesus covered me and my family with his torso and arms – like a shield. We drove through this dark and treacherous road block, covered by Jesus our shield. Unharmed. The danger did not create fear at all. I asked the Holy Spirit to give me an interpretation.: Dark & dangerous times that we have to go through. We are protected and covered by Jesus, our Lord. Do not fear. I am also praying into an artistic idea that I feel is a down load from the Holy Spirit to spread the Word. God bless you.

  11. Beautiful word, and so relevant to my life.
    Another “3” I saw in the story of Jacob is this: He came only for Rachael, but left with Rachael, Leah, AND abundant livestock! He left with triple blessing!
    Amen for truth and justice! May the Holy Spirit give us wisdom to handle what is revealed with grace and humility and His redemptive heart.

  12. Yes. Nothing different than you. But thank you for this word. He has told me not to worry, my provision is already there when I need it. I’m single and supposed to retire at the end of next year. That’s kind of the way He leads , isn’t it?

  13. Praise be to God forever and ever. Amen whenever I receive a mail from MOP am always full of joy because I know I will receive a message to carry on from where I stopped. Early this year i remembered praying in February I guess and God said ask for uncommon grace and am still asking for that cox am not consistent with the prayer, whenever I come back to pray for uncommon he puts me from the start again, am frustrated and tired because of my disobedient. Now I asked Lord bless the work of my hands after two weeks he said you are not working right now so what do you wants me to bless and I laughed I said Lord you know I don’t have a job and since you don’t wants to give me a job and seems my waiting period,then Lord bless my hand that anything I touch will be blessed hmmmmm after a week I had a dream where I was walking out of my estate I saw a mad man been held down and I moved closer I asked for anointing oil I prayed and poured it on his head and gave him some to drink and water as well he fell down and slept off, Immediately after that,I was led into a room where a mad man was kept I did the same and he slept I woke and I said Lord you don’t mean and now I have stopped asking God for anything out of fear we are both silent at each other. Now am back to the beginning still asking for what he told me. I know am such a disobedient child I really don’t wants to end up in fish belly or somewhere worst. Blessings

  14. Heavy on my mind is just to stock up-really and not just intend you. I sense a closing in/closing off of a season and then after something major, of historical proportion will happen. So now is prep time; come out be separate and as self-sustained ( unTangled) as possible.

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