24 Hour National Day of Prayer 2015 Webcast

Welcome to the National Day of Prayer 24 Hour Webcast.


If you are looking for the 2016 National Day of Prayer Event, please click here

If you would like to pray along with the webcast here are the 7 POINTS OF PRAYER FROM THE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER

You can also visit the National Day of Prayer Website to find events in your area if you would like to attend one in person.  Go to this page to find an event http://nationaldayofprayer.org/event-finder/

The webcast features:

Unite on the National Day of Prayer being held in Minnesota is a LIVE event starting at 7PM EST Featuring several area Pastors,Priest, Bishop, Reverends as well as special guest Pastor Francis Chan from Cornerstone Church in California and music provided by Kari Jobe.  For more information visit www.unitendop.com

National Day of Prayer Capital Event in Honolulu, Hawaii this will be a LIVE event at 1AM EST and 7PM HST

Glory of Zion International Ministries. They are counting the 50 Days of Omer, praying and prophesying over all states as well as the nations.  Not all the states are featured in the webcast as the 50 days end at Pentecost which is May 24th. If you would like more information about this, please visit their website at www.gloryofzion.org

Chaplain Clarence Reyneveld with 2 bible study messages that we believe are relevant to the time and season we are in.  You can contact him at www.clarencereyneveld.com



There has been a rumor that has spread like wild fire over the past few years that President Barack Obama has cancelled the National Day of Prayer. Perhaps you are wondering if this is true. The short answer – NO!

Want proof?  Well, every year the President of the United States gives a proclamation for the event to take place.  So if the event was indeed cancelled there would be no proclamation, correct?  Well if you take a look at this link (http://nationaldayofprayer.org/category/presidential-proclamations/) you will see that there has been a proclamation every year that Barack Obama has been in office.
So if you hear people spreading that rumor you may want to say that it’s not true.

There are so many other things that need prayer in addition to the 7 points of prayer. Such as this data from Pew Research

If you have a prayer request, you can go to our prayer forum and leave your request.

We also have a new section for dream interpretation if you have a dream that you would like to have interpreted.  You can be the first to leave one

We also have a list of 24 Hour Prayer Lines if you would like to have someone pray with you over the phone.

And, also a list of prayers for your every need.

God Bless!
national day of prayer 2015

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  1. We are interested in hosting a live streaming of NDP at our church facitlity. What do we do next?


    Darrell Carnley
    Senior Pastor, Mountain View Baptist, Layton UT

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