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      Please pray for:
      1. Increase immunity and health for me and my family
      2. Job protection , favor with the schedule , favor with work/ management/staff/ patients / people
      3. Guidance in my kids school, hawking of dyslexia/ processing issues, eye tracking issue/ fine motor skill issue/ comprehension issues/unorganization/ lazy/negative/ issues be healed in my children in Jesus name. That learning comes easily to them with a clear an unscattered mind. That they godly friendships and the ones that aren’t are dissolved.
      4. Financial freedom, Wisdom on my finances
      5. My truck is fixed at a low price
      6. Healing of my skin and children’s skin issues , healing of my nails
      7. Peace, love, unity in my
      Home with time for Bible study as a family that i can find with my children
      8. Direction in my children’s future career choices , finances ti provided what we need and fix the items that need fixing in my home
      9. A remote job that works with my kids schedule and provides all we need
      10. Gods wisdom , intelligence, to make the right choices for my family life and guidance
      Thank you for your prayers and god bless you!

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