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      I had a dream that I was waiting for the bus and I saw two of my old coworkers.. one them ask me how I’m getting home and I said the bus.. he said come I will drive you to Jamaica queens and you can the bus from there.. I sat in the front seat and he gave me a kiss on the cheeks.. the driver open up his jacket and took so things out he stole and I look away.. all of something I had a fake baby doll with the head cut off, then we saw three people who came up to the car and they ask bout the baby doll head then took it.. one look like a transgender.. so the guy from the driver seat jump out the car and chase the other two.. the other guy ask me do I want to buy this Snapple and mind you the front of the car window was open.. I said to him I would just for him to leave me alone.. he ask me give everything to him in my purse I lied and said I only have 4 dollars then I threw the bag in the back.. he took it and left.. then I saw one of my old friends and I told her what happen then the other person hit me in the back of my head and I felt it and I saw my arms bust and my hearing went away.. I told her don’t ever do that again then I woke up.. I was so scare when I woke up

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      Hello Ja,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Please reflect on the meanings of the individuals in your dream and how it may apply to what is going on in your life or as a warning. May the Holy Spirit give you clarity in Jesus’s Almighty Name if this dream is indeed from Him.


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