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      The dream starts where me and a friend and her mother(who passed late last year) were at a womans event. We were all standing in a passage.
      Somewhere along the line we had written a test which i completed and handed in they handed the marks out and said i didnt complete mine, and only handed in 1 page.. and i needed to go give a message to somebody. I left my 10 yr old daughter with my friend and headed out stepping over a big fat (arm thick) earthworm. I asked if it were a snake and my friends mother said no its an earthworm. I noticed the colour was transparent and it seemed to have these yellow pieces of something in its intestines.i left on a bicycle to go deliver my mesaage With an unknown man on the back. As we were heading out we went to a fuelstation, as we approached we saw the attendants were lying on the floor with men standing over them and guns pointed at them. We quickly rode off to the police station, screaming its war, its war.. arriving at the police station we saw the same thing again.. police on the floor with men standing over them with guns pointed at them. Then suddenly we are in a room. And an unknown man is standing in the room with me, he is telling me he has a gun and i said thats great he can help me get to my daughter who is still at the conference with my friend. Again we leave on a bicycle.. then it seems like im looking back at the room we left and i see the gun left on the bed.. and next to it a written will that this man left there

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      Hello Elrika,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      It appears that there is a spiritual test that you are to encounter or might have encountered and you didn’t do well. It also appears that you need to be involved in spiritual warfare and it’s just you alone in the physical but you have the Holy Spirit helping you. I believe that the dream is teaching you the need to embark on and learn spiritual warfare. There are some warfares in life that you cannot have other humans assist you with, it is part of the pruning process and God developing you to be who He wants you to be, and it usually entails preparation for some future assignment. This will take a lot of work (hence the bicycle) however the Holy Spirit (the man on the bicycle with you and the man with a Gun- gun is the Sword of the Spirit) is always there to help you. Equip yourself with the Armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-18).


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