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      Hello, yesterday I completed day 6 of the fast and I woke up from a dream 2:04 am which I need help interpreting. I dreamed we were preparing for war. And a little guy was trying to warn us but the army was already close. Then the fighting broke out. And I seen my 12 yo son fighting his opponent. The opponent was getting the best of my son but then 2 others helped my son to defeat his opponent but my son speared his opponent’s life. But then the opponent read the rules/ looked at a book and it read “death out loud reads red”. And I woke up. It was as if he was going to strike my son down. I felt anxiety afterwards and prayed. Could you interpret this for me. Thank you

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      Hello D.L.,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Here’s a rhetorical question for you. “Is there a habit/issue that you have been struggling/warring with for about 12 years?”


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      The enemy is warring against your son. The LORD has sent His angels to help, but there is something your son doesn’t understand about the danger of what he is fighting, so he does not appropriately root it out so the danger can be destroyed. This is where you come in. Be mindful of anything your son may be watching, or reading, or playing that could become detrimental to his spiritual walk. The dream is telling you the enemy is seeking to destroy him. Prayers up!!

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