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      Diana Washington-Valdez

      Please pray for Lorena M.-Q. She was hospitalized with some sort of autoimmune malady that the doctors can’t figure out. She lost 30 pounds in a short period of time. She is a believer and has requested prayer support. She is married with three children.
      Shalom and thank you all!

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      Jehova Rophe, I pray you would bring Your healing touch to Lorena. Work in whatever way You feel is best to bring her wellness and wholeness so she can glorify You and bring up her children to know and love You. Through Jesus name I pray Amen

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      Please pray for my marriage to be restored. Our Anniversary is coming up in October and I would love to be able to celebrate it and reconnect. I want pryer for healing and to restore the love and friendship.

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      Lovee O

      O God the the great physician, by the power with which you are known to be God, arise and heal your daughter Lorena M.-Q. You are the GOd who heals. You have healed people in the past. Please, Lord give her another chance. In the name of our dear Jesus.

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      Lovee O

      Father, please, visit the marriage of your daughter Melanie. You O Lord owes the key to a beautiful marriage. Open a new chapter of beauty in her marriage. In the name of your son Jesus.

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      M T

      Please pray that I will receive the money to stop the sale/auction of my personal property and belongings that is in storage on February 16, 2024 which is 2 days away. No one has helped me except one Christian friend. I am a Christian and I have went to Christian churches and pastors for help. I am awaiting my tax refund and tomorrow is the last day I can pay before the auction on Friday. If someone is willing to loan me the money ($1200) so I can pay by tomorrow evening, I am willing to pay them back when I get my refund. However, I am still waiting on GOD and I still believe he will not let Satan steal all of the things he has blessed me and my son with including Christian pictures, decor, etc. important documents, school records, furniture, clothing, electronics, etc. Please pray for my peace and that I will not fear, doubt, worry or have anxiety. With GOD all things are possible. Thank you!

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      Faithful Father, I lift up MT and ask that your will be done and your kingdom come in every aspect of her life. I ask that you keep her heart tender and soft in whatever outcome occurs with this situation. I ask that you grant her insight, wisdom, and clarity and that your convicting power would realign and reset whatever may be needed. Lord, we ask for mercy and strength as MT carries her cross and navigates this season of her life. We know you love MT and are working things out for her good and your glory. We know trials are hard and that temptations are real. I pray MT’s heart continues to seek, obey, and love you and experience your peace that transcends all understanding. Amen.

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