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      I was out with a friend and asked if the vehicle he was driving is his. He said it’s a family members. We drove to an intersection and I was given the car.

      Then people started to come in. I began to think but he’s not driving a taxi why people coming in. The driver was standing at a distance looking in. I was looking to ensure there is space in the vehicle for the driver. I was blocking the intersection and needed to turn. I started the car and became to take it out of part and release the emergency break but the pedals were too far. The driver then adjusted it. I started to drive off the feet were slipping off the pedals and the steering was getting out of control. Even when I tried to break the vehicle was stopping. When I turned and came back and parked waiting for the driver. As I bring the loaded car closer to the driver he keeps stepping farther away.

      The next scene I was at a church, people were crying, like it’s a funeral of a little boy about 6 years old. The driver was now in full white. He dressed for the service but was a distance away from the vehicle and the church. I parked at the church gate with all the passengers still sitting. The was in clear view before of the vehicle. A lady asked if the driver was my husband and I said no. One school girl in the vehicle hugged the drivers seat and whispered in my ear asking if I knew someone because she saw the person and I walking. I didn’t hear the name of the person clearly but I said no I didn’t know the person. Sounded like a name of a female. She was still holding on to the seat and swaying from left to right but wouldn’t let go. I got uncomfortable and that’s when I woke up.

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      Hello Shanece,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      My first impression? This is a VERY powerful dream! Both scenes are talking about the same thing and just providing detail about what the dream is about.

      You will be involved (or it may be happening now) in taking over something, could be a church ministry. You will feel/or are feeling torn (intersection) about it. Try to reflect on a ministry/leadership role of someone or something that lasted 6 years and “died.” You’ll probably feel you lack control but it appears that you are to play a pivotal role and might have to keep your distance from one (could be someone legalistic, may represent you as well, but I think the former) that might want to take over.

      Remember Zechariah 4:6. May the Holy Spirit give you clarity in Jesus’s Almighty Name, Amen!


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