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      My first dream was two nights ago. I dreamed of a large tornado that was oncoming towards my family and I. They told me to hide beneath a table with my 5 month of baby and other children. We saw the tornado come close to us, almost taking us up but then it receded. I then ended up at home with my dad, who is a pastor. In this home I felt a heavy, dark presence and even what looked like an evil being or demon. It seemed to taunt us. I then reached for anointing oil and began to pray over my windows and doors (I have actually never done this, nor did I own anointing oil).

      My second dream was last night. I was in my parents home and had to go outside to fetch water from a spigot. As I went out, I didn’t realize I was in my under garments, but I kept going anyway. Then several women from my church began to come out, also getting water with their buckets. One of them was saying things like I was outside in my Uber garments for attention and was saying other things to the other women who were outside. So I grabbed my bucket of water and made my way inside the house.

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      Hello Debbie,

      Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I would recommend that you anoint your home environment as you did in the dream. Continue feeding/drinking from the Holy Spirit in spite of accusations and misunderstandings. Don’t let it faze you.


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