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      Starr Covey

      I can’t remember all of the dream. I was in a car, I can’t even remember if I was driving. We were driving on smooth roads through a mountain type off in the distance, as we were coming closer to the higher part of the mountain we could see the sky was this ominous reddish color. Once we reached the visibility to see over the mountain we could see that there was a huge tornado off in the distance, we did not feel like we were in danger, as we were not in the way of the storm. It was not chasing us. But as we reached the town part the wind had picked up and the power lines were bursting as we drove under them. We felt a little frightened and rushed at that point and came to a bridge where we pulled over and got out. I woke up as we were heading to the bridge on foot. Still not feeling like we were in danger but the tornado was still off in the distance

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