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      It started in a parking lot,we were somehow watching like a Marta bus trying to make a launch towards space but it couldn’t gather enough power to do so after a couple attempts,somehow they we’re trying to launch something into was a lot of water like a river or ocean and I was on a log or board and talking to my wife or some woman and as we were talking it began raining and she started floating away and I moved towards her a couple times as we spoke and she got farther so I pushed back towards where I started and made my way over to the store and stood under the so I wouldn’t get rained on but I was wet already,there was this security guard lady standing outside and a couple people standing so I stood waiting as people came and went she would kinda tell people they couldn’t hang under the tarp,but she didn’t say anything to me so I somehow had some green pants and folded them and a group of customers came out and there was this guy saying what’s up to people and he asked for some money and the guy got upset and said like where were you when I needed it and he was cripple and proceed to make a quote about the pastor,so during this time someone like my brother walked up and the security guard said something or threw up the number 2 as to say he only could be there for 2 minutes as I began to enter the store,but I had to ask her and she said. Would have to ask the as I entered they had security every whee and the line of shoppers was great,so I was going to the restroom so I decided to buy me something to drink instead and as I headed to the back this worker was standing there and there was some customers behind me and I heard their conversation about how they were sent to the store without a list,I
      And during that same moment I was eating some type of chocolate covered candy that I entered the store with and dropped one,and the guy confronted me like you gonna get that and proceeded to say their on aisle 10 as those I was eating them without paying I told him I came in with these and he said what proof do I have and woke up.

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