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      Hello Guys and Gals,

      I would like to thank you for all your prayers. I just got back here to tell you that my left wrist got healed miraculously!

      Basically, I was applying for WCB for my left wrist (left elbow and shoulder as well). I asked for prayers here around Jan 29,2024. What happened was my employer is kind of saying it was my fault I got injured which kind of puts my claim in predicament and I haven’t been paid since. So I pushed back and explained my side and they approved my claim! I was so happy and thankful that I wanted to worship God.

      So at that time, there was a prayer meeting during noon happening at my church. I just thought why don’t I just go there and praise God since there will be singing before our corporate prayer? And so I did go to our church.

      While we were praying for the Pastor and the leadership, I stretched out my hands up in the air just praying for them and I noticed as I put my hand down, the soreness on my left wrist is gone. Mind you, I didn’t even ask to get healed. I just thought I’d praise God because despite what happened with my claim, I still got approved. I guess God deemed it best to heal my left wrist which is the one that is most bothering me.

      I just want to praise the Lord for healing me for something I didn’t pray for lol. God is good. Hope this is an encouragement to you guys.

      God bless.


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      Wow! Amen! Glory Be To God! God is AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing as that does bless and encourage me. Wahoo! Amazing.

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        Thank you Anne Marie. God bless!

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