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      Keryn Coates

      I am a teacher in a Christian School and a fellow teacher had this dream about me: “I was walking through a building. There was debris everywhere. I was going down flights of stairs. I realised I was at school (I saw Phil), but it didn’t look like school. I didn’t know what had happened but it looked like a war had taken place or a tornado had gone through. People were sitting around looking tired and defeated. They were sitting with their head in their hands, or looking downcast, staring into space. Some looked injured. There were trees that had fallen down through the building, clothes, shoes, it just looked like junk and a mess everywhere. Then I spotted you. I noticed your golden hair first. You stood out. You were standing in the depths of the building in a dark corner. There was a brick wall behind you and to one side of you. A brick floor above you. There was no debris around you. Your space was clear, but you were still in the same room as some of the others, just standing alone and separate to the rest. You had a black cord or string in your hand. It kind of looked hard like a thin plastic, but also cord like. You were holding onto the cord with one hand and you had your arm up over your head as it was coming down out of the ceiling. I could tell that the cord extended up through the ceiling but I couldn’t see it. I asked you (with a little humour) “What are you doing?” You said, ” I don’t know, God hasn’t told me.” You were restrained somehow, even though it was you that was choosing to hold on to the cord. For whatever reason, you manoeuvred the cord to your mouth to chew through it. I didn’t understand why but as I was wondering, the thought that it was significant flashed through my mind. I remember thinking it was something to do with your mouth and represented that your voice had been restrained and you needed to break it. Once the cord snapped, everyone went silent. They were stunned and they were looking at you in awe, almost reverence. There was deep respect. You transformed and then had golden and red robes on. You couldn’t understand what had happened, but I did (but the actual understanding of the event wasn’t revealed in my dream, only that I understood it.) Everyone was staring at you. They were standing across from you on the other side of the room. I was standing next to you. I said, “Don’t you see what has happened!?” You said, “No!” You were confused. I hugged you and laughed. I was so happy for you and so proud. “You’re principal, Keryn.” I said. The others were watching you, smiling. You didn’t understand. I repeated myself and then it suddenly dawned on you and you understood what had happened. I hugged you and stepped aside. Two young African boys came running over and hugged you. Phil and the large group were smiling and clapping and looking at you as if to see what you would do next. Some other children then came and gathered around you and you were happy to try and put your arms around all of them. You were smiling.”

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      Hello Keryn,
      Thank you for sharing your friend’s dream about you with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Please read Revelation 15 and may the Holy Spirit give you clarity in Jesus’s Almighty Name I pray, Amen!


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