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      Had this dream dec 31st woke up couple minutes later looked at time. 11.07pm

      In the dream was my husband and my 2 adult kids and i, in this car, my 2 kids were in back seat. Now my husband thought it respectful to help me get in the front seat on passenger side. At first i thought my husband was the driver but wasnt. Dont know who was driving it kinda felt like the invisible driving but couldn’t see face. But my husband was in the seat behind me on the right passenger side.

      As we all were on the highway or road, my husband seatbelt broke. So he decided to take the rest of the seatbelt off & opened the car door and threw the seatbelt out. Yes we were still moving on the highway but slow now because was a big truck in front of us. And then noticed there was a big truck behind us. Now the truck behind us came an inch from our car. We were not intimidated. Even though these 2 trucks were huge bigger and taller than the car.

      Next thing was not in our control the car went right, so to the right was a body of water, there was no edge so as the car went forward the front end of car was touching the water. Then it go forward some more we new it will submerge the car in water.

      I knew my husband didnt have seatbelt so i opened the car door ajar as i undid my seatbelt as i didn’t want us not be able to free ourselves by the water pushing on door yet wasnt afraid. As we knew the car was to go forward emerged undervwater. It was like it had to, but we were still in the car when dream ended

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