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      I was dating a friend of mine, Theresa, since last year. All was going great until she started having health problems the last 2 months and it caused her a lot of pain and she hadn’t eaten much over that time. She’s usually very nice and kind hearted, but Satan used her health to make her very angry and upset & to cause her to break up with me. We are both Christians & go to the same church. God told me she’s the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life with & He reaffirmed it to me earlier this week that God is bringing her back to me. She said she wants to spend the rest of life with me, many times while looking at me eye to eye. She had her gallbladder out last week, that was what was causing her all the health problems & from what I’ve been told, she’s pain free & eating good again. Please pray that, now that her health is returning, that she returns to the kind woman I know she is. Tomorrow is the first Sunday we’ll both be in church at the same time since the breakup. Pray that she’ll come to me & talk to me & want to get back together, just like God wants us to.

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