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      My husband and I have been married for 4 years now. We have been separated more than together due to his unhappy feeling and not wanting to be tied down. He tried to divorce me last year and the day we were supposed to sign he called me and said he couldn’t go through with it, that he hadn’t given his all in our marriage and wanted to make things work if I would let him. I took him back and 2 months later he decided he was going to move some states away so that he could get a better job and start a better life for us there and he would move me there once he got a job. For 3 months we face timed, talked, texted and made the distance work but he was miserable the whole time, never found a decent job, I was covering bills he was supposed to be paying and he hated where he was at. He ended up moving back home to me. He was handed a job that he is excelling at but due to his parents divorce of almost 2 years and seeing his parents move on from each other now and being faced to see that he is not happy with his life again. As of last night he wants to move back to where he was (states away) and he doesn’t want to take me with him or even consider bringing me down later. He says he is always unhappy and I deserve better and he wants to start fresh in a new place and start all over again. I do not want my marriage to be over, I see so much potential in him and believe he is only wanting to move due to the hurt he feels over his parents divorce. I believe God knows all and has a big plan for our marriage and for my husband. I am fully standing on believing for restoration in my marriage and inside of my husband for complete healing and that he will choose our marriage once again and this time stick to it no matter what! That there will be no doubt, no fear, no lust for others, no unhappiness to where he questions our marriage. I pray the scripture of “the husband will leave his mother and father (family) and cleave/cling to his wife” over my marriage. I pray this restoration will bring complete healing and love!

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      I ask that you stand in agreement with me that my husband mistress will be removed from our marriage and that God saves her and sends her a Christian man in her life. I ask that you pray with me that my husband is delivered and that he is drawn back to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love God and I know he loves me and I know he honors our marriage vows.

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