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      I’ve come to realize that I sometimes have dreams that are recurring in nature, and they are all different in every scenario but are all centered around taking care of /protecting/saving children. I always see myself taking care of people’s babies. In one I’m saving a child from fire and Doom; in another I’m super protective over the child and guard them very carefully;Or healing; teaching to read; etc.

      I noticed that the child in the dream is never my own, I’m not the one that births them. I naturally don’t have any children, nor am I married. I like kids but I don’t like them that much to be dreaming about them all the time (ha!) .. I’ve had a few of these dreams over the past few months after not having these type of dreams for almost 5 years when I first became a Christian.

      The most vivid dream of a child I had was there was a baby being held by it’s parents, it had Crystal or diamond eyes. The parents were fearful that the baby was dying, I took the baby from them and raised it up to God and it began to come back to life, then I handled it back to the parents and because of their lack of faith the baby began to die again, so I took the child again and repeated my action and the baby came back to life ..I’ve had several dreams of children in need, dying, suffering, battered, sick etc and I’m always protecting or helping them
      Or taking them as my own.

      Do babies represent something??
      I also wonder why I’m having these dreams again after so many years . Also I must note that the children are almost always boys.

      Anything helps really! Thank you so much

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