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      My husband’s job situation was getting worse and worse because of slanderous co-workers. All the good that my husband had implemented for the benefit of the company for over two years was going to be destroyed. We prayed fervently for the company and for my husband’s situation. The slanderous co-workers were removed, but the damage had been done. We were grieved, but it was very clear that it was time for my husband to find a position elsewhere.

      Two job opportunities presented themselves so we fasted and we prayed for God to reveal which one He wanted my husband to choose. It was revealed that one company had a heart for its employees and we hoped he would get that job. First, there was a delay in getting an offer. We prayed and they moved quickly so that they wouldn’t lose him. Then, there was a delay in which they wanted to push his starting date out, which would present a financial hardship on us. We prayed again and the next day, everything was back on schedule. Another delay presented itself in him not getting the equipment to start his job. We prayed again and it was suddenly resolved.

      God showed up for us in His Provision and in directing my husband where He would bless us. My husband has been working at the new company for two months and we are amazed by the care they have for their employees and my husband is thriving. Thank you for your word on Delay and on praying through it.

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      Praise the Lord! I am so happy to hear it. God is good!


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