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      I had this dream about me riding with the president of Indonesia and his wife in black Mercedes Benz. I sit in front with him while his wife sitting in the back. The car drive fast and steadyly in the this highway. The president shows me how the car run fast in the highway and I was bit scared because the car move in the turbo mode. I asked him to slow down because it can be dangerous and we will miss our exit. And surely, we miss our exit. The car turn around and go to a place call “Taman Mini Indonesia Indah” – is a national recreational park that promotes the cultural part of 33 Indonesian provinces (they have 33 traditional homes from each provinces and inside each one of them is a museum that exhibit the culture of each province). In addition, this park is a symbol of Indonesia unity. They also have other museums built in this part like maritime museum, train museum, etc. Moving along, in this dream, I attend a ceremony where the president and his wife are expected to come. But no one play the instrument for our national anthem. I stop and I look around. To my surprise everyone and the president were looking at me. I decided -in my limitation -playing the keyboard. So basically I volunteered for the occassion. I start to play the keyboard and sing the Indonesian national anthem at the same time. Somewhere in the middle I lost the note for the anthem. But I determined to continue playing and sing the anthem until it’s finish. I felt the urgency to sing the anthem until it’s finish. At the end of my dream, I notice that the keyboard was old and made of wood – feels like old but still can be play.

      Below is the Indonesian national anthem in English translation

      Indonesia, my homeland
      The land where I shed my blood
      Right there, I stand
      To be a guide of my motherland.

      Indonesia, my nationality
      My nation and my homeland
      Let us exclaim
      Indonesia unites.

      Long live my land,
      Long live my state
      My nation, my people, entirely
      Let us build its soul,
      Let us build its body
      For the Great Indonesia.


      Great Indonesia,
      Independent & sovereign,
      My land, my country which I love
      Great Indonesia,
      Independent & sovereign!
      Long live Great Indonesia!


      Indonesia, a noble land
      Our wealthy land
      Right there, I stand
      Forever and ever.

      Indonesia, a hereditary land
      A heritage of ours
      Let us pray
      To Indonesians’ happiness.

      Fertile may its soil,
      Flourish may its soul
      Its nation, its people, entirely,
      Aware may its heart,
      Aware may its mind,
      For Great Indonesia.



      Indonesia, a sacred land,
      Our victorious land,
      Right there, I stand,
      To guard the pure motherland.

      Indonesia, a radiant land,
      A land which I adore,
      Let us pledge,
      Indonesia is eternal,

      Safe may its people,
      Safe may its children,
      Its islands, its seas, entirely,
      The state progresses,
      its scouts advance,
      For Great Indonesia.


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      Hello Daisy,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Pray for your country and your president, stand in the gap. This is a calling from God to you.


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