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      I had a dream a while ago that I although I have a partial interpretation of, I feel that I am missing something. Please help interpret if you can:
      In the dream I am making preparations for a winter storm coming. There are family and friends present in this older house. In the barn area there are animals people have brought in. I notice with some concern that a snake and a rabbit have been put in the same enclosure, but they appear to be tame and safe with each other. I notice that there is a large beehive as well, and a couple (man and woman) who I don’t know that are bothering the bees. I started to get angry at them and started to fuss at the people and confront them. At that moment a man who reminded me of both my pastor and my uncle walked up and gently redirected me. He asked me to walk outside with him. Outside it was already snowy and as the man talked I was looking in front of me at two long haired sheep standing at a fence facing me. They were getting covered in snow but of course perfectly fine because they are cold weather sheep like Norwegian sheep i think. The man talked to me and calmed me down though I do not remember anything he said except at the very end I remember looking at him as he asked me “Have you listened to the sermon of Gael?” I said no. He replied with gentle smile, “You need to listen to the sermon of Gael.”
      That is where it ended.

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      Hello Noel,
      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      My first impression was that this is a beautiful dream full of imagery and reminds me a bit of “Animal Farm” but retracted the thought when I read further.
      The animals represent people. In the quest to protect there are individuals that appear “seemingly” harmless but watch out and watch them closely. There could be deception/tale(snake) and/or lust being multiplied (rabbit) in what is about to come. There could also be sharp demonic attacks (beehive) in the midst of who these individuals are. It might be a church setting.
      You are being reminded to maintain your joy (meaning of Gael) in spite of everything
      May the Holy Spirit give you discernment, courage to use your spiritual authority in Jesus’s Almighty Name I pray, Amen!


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