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      Chris Nihmey

      Hello there,

      I’m requesting continued prayers that this PANDEMIC FINALLY COMES TO AN END. With many countries still struggling deeply, and news that China is heading towards having 65 million cases a week by the end of June with the new XBB variant after Beijing dropped all its measures, this pandemic is certainly not over. We still have many cases, hospitalizations, and deaths occurring here in North America as well. Please pray that things stay contained in China and elsewhere so that no new variants come our way. Pray that people remain diligent and committed to following all safety measures. That individuals step up and take every measure necessary (wearing masks, getting vaccinations, avoiding gatherings, etc.) to protect one another so we can get this virus out of “pandemic form”, so it is easily controlled by vaccinations. With over 7 million deaths (these are only the recorded deaths … the number is much higher), we must ensure this pandemic ends. We must love our neighbours as we always should. As Christians, we must lead by example and be exemplary role models in protecting others. We would never want to bring sickness or death upon anyone by infecting them, especially those who do not know Christ. We want ALL to live healthy and full lives so they can get to know Christ and build a relationship with HIM just as we have. We would never want to prevent this opportunity by failing to do our responsibility as Christians to protect and love others around us at all costs. We need to be proactive and preventative. We do not want to end up back where we were a couple of years ago with a virus that is out of control. Sadly, this led to a multitude of deaths.

      With a world that is still dealing with this virus, pray that governments and public health units bring back mask mandates (and vaccinations), especially in schools to protect our children. We must take action to overcome this. We cannot take any of this lightly, and way too many are, including governments and top organizations. Pray that those infected (or reinfected) do not have to deal with long COVID. 20% of those infected are already dealing with it, so pray for them as well. We ask all of this in His name. Amen.

      Thank you.


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      Creator of heaven and earth,

      You are the God of all and I pray for Chris that you grant him peace, wisdom, clarity, and understanding as he carries the burden of the virus. I pray that Holy Spirit would continue to counsel and guide people around the world suffering from the virus and that healing would pour forth on those who are infected. Thank you for how faithfully and lovingly, you have remained steadfast with us and worked things out for our good and your glory. I pray for Chris to see and hear your divine ways of helping, healing, and addressing the virus and the hearts and souls of those infected and or indifferent. May your Spirit give Chris what he needs and may his heart, soul, and mind be aligned with your heart on this issue. We thank you that you love the world and that you are faithful no matter what. In Jesus name, Amen.

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