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      Please pray for me I just got a wonderful job and I love it but my director and the other director do not like me. at first they were great but now they have gotten nasty and they don’t want to answer my questions or give me more to do because they want to fire me and give my position to the other girl. please please pray for me that god changes their minds and they start to help me and do not conspire to fire me please I need this job and please please don’t let them fire me please. please pray for me and may god bless you as well for praying for me.

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      It’s been a rough year so far and my anxiety has been taking over so I have missed alot of work my attendance is horrible and I have a good job please pray for me that I won’t get fired and I can keep my anxiety under control thank you amen.

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      Lord I pray u send legions of angels before both of these believers to protect their jobs give them favor and a good name with their bosses supervisor s and co workers I thank u Lord that u encamp ur angels around these believers their bosses supervisors and coworkers and give them charge over them to guard them in all their ways and hold them up in their hands calm aid lavender will help with anxiousness

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      Please pray for me to keep my job. my anxiety and bad decisions have led me to have horrible attendance and go into negative time at work that can led to termination. I can’t afford to lose my job and I am working at being better everyday. God please hear me out and help me not get fired.
      In gods name,

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      Father in Heaven, I pry for everybody for peace and calmness in their work employment. If anyone is working against them, sabotaging them, pulling them down, so that they lose their jobs, let those people be rebuked and be blocked by the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost. I pray Lord God that due to the pandemic, people are being retrenched and losing jobs, Lord God I pray that all who have come to you will not lose their Jobs. They will keep their jobs in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

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      Please I need prayer for God’s invention. I got a job with the state government in April, 2019 but today my date hangs in a balance as wether I will be sacked or still remain in the job. This is because the ministry is in a financial stress. Please I need your prayers to continue in the job.
      Best regards

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      Please pray for me not to lose my job. i badly need this job, and will do better this time, i do hope that i will still have a chance to correct all of my misdoings, i love my job please lord guide me and make me keep the job that i really really rely for my livelihood 🙏🥺

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      Debra Fischer

      I’ve worked for this bank for over three years and just recently made a huge mistake in my managers eyes. I did my job but forgot a step involving when to send an email to a customer. Unfortunately the customer was furious because they received this email but let me say again this is my job to get insurance in on our collateral. I just forgot I was supposed to hear back from the officer before sending it. This happened last week and I got reamed two days in a road and told I was going to be wrote up. Thank God my mgr is gone this week but I’m still sick to my stomach from her yelling and cutting me down. I feel I left God down but I honestly didn’t do it on purpose. I pray that my job won’t be in jeopardy when she gets back and that this will blow over. I’m 63 years old and can’t afford to get try and find another job now. Thank you so much. God Bless You

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      I am in the same situation as some of you. In the last 3 years I have only had kept a job for more than a month. I just started a new job and am having computer issues which is what happens every time. I don’t know why God gives me a job and this always happens. I know the job-it’s all of the security and application that don’t work. Friday I was given a week and they didn’t want me to even stay after today. I have until Thursday to see how I do.

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      Hello God,

      First of all I want to thank you for the career You have given me as I am very happy and appreciate. But my boss has a meeting on Monday with HR and I am worried it might be about me. Please God protect me from the chance of getting laid off. Please protect me as i really love my job and dont want anything to happen. Please forgive me for the way i have acted in the past and allow me to be continued to be blessed. Thank thank you!

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      Good day, Kindly pray for me for i am about to lose my job. I have been here for 5 years and counting and i have been promoted 3 times but late last year my bosses has been very mean towards me and have turned a blind eye to my hard work. I got an information this morning that they are looking to replace me and i can’t help but feel sad basically because as it stands now i do not have a place to live or anyone to run to. I still need this job and i need prayers. God should please change their minds and make them see the difference that i have made so far working for them in Jesus name Amen.

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      Please pray for me not to lose my job. i badly need this job, and will do better this time, i do hope that i will still have a chance to correct all of my misdoings, i love my job please lord guide me and make me keep the job that i really really rely for my livelihood

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      Dear Lord I pray that I keep my job. I know what I did was wrong and I am asking you dear Father for forgiveness and mercy. This is my only form of livelihood and without it I will loose my home. Thank you Father for your compassion and grace. Amen

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      Hi God,

      Today our company is announcing layoffs. Please god i really love my job and i am scared of getting laid off. I have a mortgage and trying for a baby as getting laid off would be the worst time for me ever! Please bless me and not getting laid off as i reallly need this job. Bless the folks who did get laid off help them find something better. First time in my life i feel that i am in the career that loves at 40! please do not take that away from me!

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      Please pray for me as I’m very anxious I’m about to loose my job. I am the sole provider for my family and loosing my job would be devastating to my family is I loose this job. We all depend on our insurance to stay some what healthy. My family is the most important thing to me and I don’t currently have a great relationship with God something I’m working on. Thank you

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      Merciful Father,

      I pray that Ricardo has peace and experiences your love and grace as we petition that he not lose his job. You are aware of his and his family’s needs and we know you are the God that goes ahead of us. I pray Ricardo seeks you and your guidance and wisdom as he navigates uncertainty. May your grace and mercy cover him and his family and may every need be met. In Jesus name, Amen.

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      Okeke ikechukwu cosmos

      I pray that this issues I have at my workplace be resolved , May I be favoured , May any decision made be in my favour, let your will be done oh lord , please lord I pray that my source of livelihood not be taken from me , please come to my aid oh lord

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      I pray Okeke is able to hear you and walk in obedience and surrender to your will. I pray you strengthen and keep him from any and all lies, distractions and that his eyes remain on your. May your perfect peace guide him and may he be secure in your love. I pray you quiet every fear and that he would walk in the Spirit as he petitions that he keep is source of income. May he know and believe that you are faithful. In Jesus, name.

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