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      Please pray for me I just got a wonderful job and I love it but my director and the other director do not like me. at first they were great but now they have gotten nasty and they don’t want to answer my questions or give me more to do because they want to fire me and give my position to the other girl. please please pray for me that god changes their minds and they start to help me and do not conspire to fire me please I need this job and please please don’t let them fire me please. please pray for me and may god bless you as well for praying for me.

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      It’s been a rough year so far and my anxiety has been taking over so I have missed alot of work my attendance is horrible and I have a good job please pray for me that I won’t get fired and I can keep my anxiety under control thank you amen.

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      Lord I pray u send legions of angels before both of these believers to protect their jobs give them favor and a good name with their bosses supervisor s and co workers I thank u Lord that u encamp ur angels around these believers their bosses supervisors and coworkers and give them charge over them to guard them in all their ways and hold them up in their hands calm aid lavender will help with anxiousness

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      Please pray for me to keep my job. my anxiety and bad decisions have led me to have horrible attendance and go into negative time at work that can led to termination. I can’t afford to lose my job and I am working at being better everyday. God please hear me out and help me not get fired.
      In gods name,

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