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      James Slyk

      I live in Calgary, AB and have been a Christian for over 25 years. Lately, I have been besieged by strenuous circumstances that I am in need of prayer for.
      In November of 2015 I lost my job, and with the sluggish economy, plus being older (age 54) have found finding a new job to be extremely challenging and frustrating. Lately I have gone to a two week course on planning to open a small business; my only concern is coming out of a bankruptcy 8 years ago that has left my credit rating questionable in wondering if I can get the financial backing to start it up.
      My other concern is my long time friend of over 30 years, Lindsey. We were an item once, engaged to be married but her family talked her out of it and she and I have remained as friends ever since. In February of 2015, she met a man through a mainstream online dating service. This was fine, until late last July, when Lindsey suddenly became very ill. She wound up in the hospital for 6 weeks with viral meningitis, and nobody could figure out why. I looked after her place for those six weeks primarily to look after her cat Forrest, who is my close buddy. In December 2015 Lindsey suddenly announced her engagement to this man, with all the enthusiasm of someone announcing they were going to the dentist for a root canal. Then I found out why. In the garbage one day, there was an empty prescription bottle for complera, used to control HIV. At the same time I learned he had had two previously-deceased wives, the latest passed away mere weeks before Lindsey met him online and started dating him. And by HIV-related illnesses. Now Lindsey has been infected, hence her illness last August. Forrest is upset because they are going to move into his place next weekend, where he already has two cats. Plus Forrest now is on daily IV’s as his kidneys are starting to fail.
      I ask that you please pray for help for Lindsey, that she can get out of this destructive relationship and for healing for Forrest, that he could live out his life in peace, joy and comfort.
      Thank you so much!

      James Slyk

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