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      I grew up in the church. My mom taught me and my siblings the word of God since we were in car seats. She taught us to be still and here God in the silence. My mom prayed for us and everyone daily. Prayer was the air she breathed but in 2017 an attack was launched against her that I never seen before. My mom practically lost her mind and ended up in a psych hospital on medication. She has not been the same. She battles in her mind with darkness, voices, tormenting thoughts and images. She tells me this unexplained hatred is in her heart. My mom has never hated anyone but she feels like someone took her identity and gave them theirs to her. A minister told her that people who take psych meds are going to hell. She feels so broken! My siblings and I are struggling because of my seeing my mom who was on fire for Jesus Christ go through this. This feels like a nightmare! Our spirit filled household is distant in memory. Please God send us someone to help my mom and my siblings be delivered from this pit!

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      Psalm 34:17
      When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.

      Shalom Amari, I will be praying for your mother and the whole household. Just hold on to the promises of God. He is a faithful and righteous Father. Blessings!

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