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      Cheryl Moniz

      A request to prayer for my daughter Tamara who has been unwell with fever and giddiness. She has low iron and her board exams are a week away. Please pray for her complete healing and that she may be able to study for her exams.

      God bless and Thank you

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      El Shaddai,

      We thank you for how you answered and worked things out for Tamara. We know you are faithful and we pray that all fever, giddiness not return. We pray Tamara is of sound mind and that she be in your presence and favor. Amen

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      Jehovah Raphael, thank you for goodness and mercy that keeps following Tamara wherever she may go. Thank you for delivering and healing her accordingly to your word that says what my father has not planted will be uprooted. Father whatever sickness, illness or problem you did not plant in Tamara body or blood cell we ask for it to be removed immediately and let her body be bright back to complete wholeness and alignment as Jesus is. Thank you for giving her clear mind and success in her exam, for you are God of the impossible and there is nothing you cannot do,move, or break. Thank you Jesus for standing with us and praying with us for Tamara and all glory and honor goes to you Jesus for this miracle in your name. We love you for your kindness, mercy, goodness and overflowing lover over Tamara body, mind and soul. You are the greatest of all. There will never any God as faithful, authentic and mighty as yum you, king Jesus.

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