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      Hello, please pray for :
      1. My son sams eye issues to be healed
      2. That my stolen personal information and fraud use of credit openings will be resolved and the person using my information will loose it, and my credit is recovered
      3. Both of my kids to have favor, wisdom, intelligence and learning comes easily to them. And are successful in their life. That God revealed to them the career path they need to take.
      4. Both my kids make a Christian godly best friend, and their school has more students that are set on gods ways.
      5. Wisdom/ intelligence to begin a home business that will provide me opportunity to be with my children , attend church and work part time at my current job, that my current job can have an opening from home, with a favorable schedule/hours for my family, and finances to provide for my family.
      6. Health for me and my family mentally, spiritually, and physically. That we become Closer to God, attuned to his voice.
      7. A new home with the space we need, a car, and my truck not to be expensive to fix.
      8. The gift of tongues for me and my children
      9. To be debt free, wisdom/intelligence on my finances
      10. Unity as a family, that my dad Jorge, father in law Sam , brother George and his family be saved and accept Jesus in their heart, max to be healed of autism,& Claire to speak.
      Thank you. God bless!

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      Lord God l come to you in confidence for l know who you are and l know I can trust you. Jehovah Rapha l pray that you heal Jackie’s son. Speak a word Lord and heal his eyes for we know by your stripes Jesus Christ, we are healed. Because you are a God that restores, l pray that you recover all the stolen information that is affecting Jackie’s credit. I also pray that you restore joy in Jackie’s life. Her joy is in you Yahweh. Provide for her a part time job that ticks all the boxes. She longs to spend time with her children and you Lord. Give her the wisdom guidance to start a business and succeed in it without compromising on family. Help her to manage her finances well.Remember her Lord in this wealth transfer. May the Holy Spirit guide her and whisper in her ear to make the right move, the right deal at the right time.

      Jesus Christ you are Rabi. I surrender the children into your hands. Equip them with the wisdom and knowledge they need to succeed at school and and church. They are all yours for you are the best teacher. Cover them by your blood Lord Jesus and protect them always.

      Because l know you as God is love. I pray that you fill Jackie’s family with love and unity. Guide them Lord and grant them the grace to accept the true salvation of Jesus Christ.

      Lastly l pray Lord that you provide a beautiful and big house that fulfils their wishes. As long as it is according to your will.

      I thank you God for the answered prayers. In Jesus Name l pray. Amen

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