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      Dreamt that I was at a gathering at a house on a large property overlooking a lake (it appeared to be our home but not the one we are in now) and a number of my church family were there including my choir members. My husband was in the garage and a church member went in to chat with him while he was doing some repairs. I was sitting outside at a picnic table a distance away from the house talking with a few people. After sitting there for awhile, we had to get back to the house for the function. I was helping my mother (mom passed 2 years ago) through this crowd of people. She almost fell so I was helping her up amidst the crowd and there were a few people that were looking at her and smiling admiringly. I was hurrying to get her in this car so she would not get ran over by the crowd. Got back to the house and there were a number of people there for a function (not sure what for) I woke up at this point.


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