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      Dear Lord, Please move my son out of my home, business, and life. He has abused my husband and I emotionally by loud screaming, gestures, breaking furniture and bullying. He stepped way over the line yesterday by physically attacking my husband.We are 72 and 74. My husband has had a heart attack and triple bypass. My husband has forbid me to report it to the police or get a restraining order. We let our son and his girlfriend and her son move in during Covid after they left Florida.He has been rageful toward all of us during these four years. I am pleading with God for mercy and His divine protection. My husband will not make a decision. Says he is processing. God I need divine direction immediately.You promised to guide me with your right hand and to order my steps in your word. Lord please help me now.

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      Shalom ma’am,

      May the blood of Jesus intervene your family’s life. May God show you and your family his mercies. May Jesus remove every oppresion set against you and your family. May the Good Lord forgive you and your family where you left the door open for oppresion to reach your house. May the blood of the lamb speak peace and happiness unto your family. May the Holy Spirit take control of your house and hearts. May he give you the courage and wisdom to do the right thing. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

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      Please remove from website prayer request for protection from adult son asap.
      Thank you

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