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      I was looking online for orphanages in South Africa and I found one in the middle of Africa in Zimbabwe. Suddenly I was arriving at the airport there, and thinking to myself how desolate (like dry & barren) the scenery looked. I was walking and somehow stumbled upon the orphanage. I observed from afar and saw two girls my age who looked perfect. I felt insecure and almost thought about leaving, but something in me knew I needed to go in. When I walked in, a little boy was there and we connected but then he peed his pants. I took it upon me to get him changed. Then the owner appeared and I told her how God led me here. She started crying and was so grateful for the help. She asked if I would go to the grocery store for her and make her favorite American food. I was excited because I love cooking and this my dream job (cooking & working with kids). When I got to the store, it was 9:22pm and they closed at 9:30. I was the last person they let in. I decided I was going to make her Oreo cream cheese truffles but I couldn’t find the cream cheese and I kept deliberating over the ingredients/what to make that I almost didn’t make it to the check out line.

      This is the second dream I’ve had about working in an orphanage.

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      Hello Grace,
      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      This dream appears to be a directional dream. Perhaps, you’ve been praying about where to serve. The dream also appears to be time sensitive. If indeed God is calling you to serve in an orphanage, work towards it to be there before September of this year (time in your dream) as your help is desperately needed. Matthew 9:22 may minister to you or someone you know.


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