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      Shirley Harris

      Our words carry weight. We are made in his image with His spiritual power and authority. He speaks everything into existence & we do likewise. I purchased a ring on my trip to Israel years ago. I wore it to the home church I belong to years later. I always take my jewelry off when I get home. That day I realized as soon as I got home I didn’t have it. I searched car, bags etc & didn’t find it. I called back to the home & it was searched & not found. I always say I’ve misplaced because I know the meaning of words spoken or thought give space for the devil to take action. I continued to confess, God I misplaced it or the angels have been playing with me again, which they will also move things around @ times. Several months later still confessing I got a call one day from a close friend who attend our church asking what my ring looked like, she knew because she was on trip to Israel when I bought it. She & another friend had been shopping for hours & putting things in car & etc & friend opened her back door again to put packages in & asked her what a washer or lug nut was doing on the middle & front edge of her back seat. My ring is a barrel type round ring & with it was an ink pen & a piece of paper. Nothing on paper & they had been riding around for hours getting in & out of car & round ring & items were on the very edge of seat. I knew & she knew it was my ring & we began to pray what was the meaning & who was the message for. I hadn’t been in her car, neither had we swapped any bags etc. Within about a week we were attending another home church meeting @ someones elses house & I asked for prayer for any help after explaining what had happened. Before the 3 day meeting was over prophecies began to come forth little by little explaining how our prayers to God I misplaced it or angels moved it. Several prophecies came pertaining to the pen & blank paper for each of our lives. The angels seem to like to move my jewelry & stuff around because it gets misplaced quite a lot. Some might says I’m forgetful since I’m 80. My God is playful & I became an adult in childhood because my young father was sent to front lines in WW2. He became an alcoholic who never knew how to control his demons & our lives were horrible. God loves to play with His children. He has let me do lots of childhood things to replace what I lost growing up. Does it require faith, Yes it does. I’ve never not found what has been misplaced by Whomever. It may be awhile sometimes but you have to be secure it what you say you believe. Somethings have taken a year but it comes quicker as time goes on & the urgency of the matter. If you don’t have an urgent matter & it’s not going to cost you anything but your patience & not money etc. God will even put money you need for something in clothes dryers, bank accounts etc, when we give our stuff or needs to Him in trust.
      Our breath is His Gods, Our Words needs to be as Jesus said, I don’t say or do anything that I don’t see or hear my Father say or do. We have the Same Daddy if we surrendered our life back to Him. It’s All about Trades. If you take Communion, It Should Be As A Trade. You give up your body & your blood & trade it for Jesus Body & Blood. You are already a created spirit form seed of His created before the was was. So All of you is then back to what you were originally created in Heaven before you were placed in your Mothers womb. Because of Adams mistake our Physical body & Soul-mind is separated when human form encloses around our spirit. Adam was created with his spirit outside of his human form. That’s why as soon as ate their human form came outside & they had never seen their naked bodies & were ashamed. We then have all come with our heavenly spirit now on inside & have to make that trade or go to our new father who was thrown out of heaven in disobedience. We don’t get a free pass. It’s a choice we all will have to make. Choose God. We agreed to Our Mandate. We volunteered to come to earth knowing what was ahead of us. We knew if our generational lines were tainted we would have to overcome but that human nature is a driving force that s has a strong pull as soon as conceived & we are in a battle to even be born especially if Christianity is in our lines.

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      Ms. Shirley,
      I want to grow in Christ and see the heavenly realm and follow God in everything. When you say the angels move things around of yours, I cannot comprehend the angels doing that with my things. I’ve always believed our spirits were conceived before our bodies were. I feel a closeness to God, that I’ve always been a part of His family, but I’m 40 now and I’ve finally started to dig deep into God’s word getting to know the Father. I have a long way to go. I have a lot to learn.


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