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      I was married to my husband for 20 years. The ten last years of marriage he changed his personality. Was unfaithful, drinking(we were both abstain from alcohol) I have been fighting for the marriage for the past ten years. Last summer I heard that he was visiting a twenty year younger girl. When I told him about it he said that they were only friends, but since people were talking about him since he was married he wanted a divorce. We have been divorced since before Christmas.Yesterday he sent me a sms telling me that he was in a relationship with this girl. I’m thinking about him and her all the time. I’m crying a lot, and I feel that I am loosing my selfe. I don’t know what to do. Shall I continue to pray for a recovery or should I let him go. Most of all I will let God and let go, but it is so difficult. I wish that he could be the man he used to be for ten years ago. A man with high and good moral. Our children feel so ashamed about who he has been and his choices. This girl looks like she is 18, and my husband is 50, and looks like he is fifty… I need peace.

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      Prince of Peace,

      I pray in agreement with Else and ask that the peace the surpasses all understanding guard her heart and mind in Christ Jesus. You say that if we stay our mind on your you will keep us in perfect peace. Lord, stay her mind on you. I pray for comfort, reassurance and strength as she endures pain and loss. I pray your Holy Spirit fill her and that your grace meet her in her time of need. I pray your peace, love, counsel and wisdom guide her. Grant her clarity so she may act and make the choices that honour you, are good for her and grant her peace. Amen.

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