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      Please pray for my marriage. For months now I am tormented by doubts about my husband’s faithfulness to me. There have been some strange coincidences with a female coworker that has made me believe that there is something going on. We have always talked openly with each other so I have talked with my husband. He keeps saying that it is all in my mind, that I have to trust him, that nothing has happened etc, but I keep having this nagging feeling inside of me. It is like I am hunting facts, and he even told me one day that i am wasting my life seeking facts about something that does not exist. Meanwhile i have tried to befriend the other person via social media but she has not been responsive, which enforces my doubts. I feel like i am loosing my mind and I have brought our marriage in a low point. I have lost desire to live, I feel as my husband does not like me anymore, that his eyes are not on me, that he does not appreciate me,and I have lost the joy of being his wife. Trust has been broken in my heart. And I confess that I have been angry with God, because they have to travel (not together but to the same meeting or project) and be at the same meetings, got promotion at the same time and even we do not live in the same place to my surprise dates of traveling coincided with last year, even though for another business purpose. I have struggled with ideas that God has a plan for them in the future, that I will die and they will get together and that makes me suffer tremendously. I have never been at such low point in my life. Tonight I prayed the prayer of hedge of thorns. Can you please pray for us, for protection and hedge of thorns around him if there is any grain of truth in my doubts and that he will repent and have the courage to open his heart to me. But if all is in my mind, please pray that I will come to my senses and be delivered by this terrible hour. Thank you and blessings

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      Please pray for my fiance Pedro salvation, he does not believe in GOD. Pray that GOD reveals himself to him and takes the blinders off his eyes. I pray that GOD raises him up as a mighty man of GOD. I believe that GOD can make the impossible, possible.

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