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      Woke up around 5.40am my time

      Starts off i and my husband is in dream. We were in what looked to be a mental hospital or something like it..I was visiting. It felt like my husband and I had to talk to someone in there or were looking for answers. Not sure name of who the person was.

      But husband went somewhere then i wondered down the way looking for someone but they were all occupied so in part of dream was I went to look out a window it was over looking the ocean or water that had a cliff or a huge rock in the water like off the coast line, while I was waiting for staff to attend to people, so I decided to go thru the door the orderly just opened to go outside to look at scenery

      Then scene changed after that I was in this room or place that was a commons areas had a couch and chairs for people to visit or just sit. One person I saw in a chair another laying on the couch. I believe I was talking to someone that was in a chair an orderly was there too. I believe I was asking if they knew about this specific person I was wanting to talk to to get answers.

      Then I saw my husband apparently he went over to the person that was laying on the couch inwhich was the person we both wanted to talk too that we wanted answers from. But as I approached we saw she died when we thought she was asleep on the couch. Now I was devastated. It was said my husband was the last person to talk to her earlier what we understood then he left her then we both came to that room.

      As I was devastated i went to lay down on a couch to get my composure but I felt that there was a dead body on one end of couch or it was a mannequin cause it felt like a mannequin but nontheeless I had to lay down and went opposite end of couch to lay down feeling yucky.. Then I woke with a jerk

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      Hello td,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      The dream appears to point to some mental health counselling ministry or need. Look up John 5:40 to see if it resonates with you.


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