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      I was in a store. There was an old lady and I. We were walking through a store, another lady comes up to us as nice/ pleasant but it turned out she was just a thief.

      I was holding Daniel. One of us said, I’m not going anywhere  until we take back what’s ours. So I took everything out of her basket that she tried to talk us into giving to her, including jewelry – a bracelet of diamonds and pearls.

      I was in a hotel dining room. My mom was talking to a Wilson from the youth group. There was  music in the background. Alice & Alberto were sitting at a table in the same  chair. Next to them in a pan, was a fresh batch of cinnamon buns just out of the oven.

      I was in the front lobby of a hotel at night. I was looking for rainbow colored scrolls that had been dropped on the floor and  picking up empty baby bottles. I found an orange and a green scroll.

      I  was with a man, he was helping me down the stairs of an apartment  building because I was about to give birth. A neighbor was talking to us but we were trying to  make down before my water broke. The baby was small but  heavy. I gave birth  by the time I made it to ground floor.  I was relieved. I felt like I was carrying it for a long time.

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