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      The week before i had the dream with the cow brother and i in it that i posted. Now here are 2 more dreams i had

      This dream was short and to the point. Meaning all i can hear was this one long blast of sound that pierced the soul i mean this was kinda like an alarm but not that kind of sound i was trying to think is it a shofar sound but not sure it was. As this was abrevlated sound like it only resonated right thru your whole being from here to eternity. There was no thoughts no body form no nothing but literally this sound or sound wave that was so loud piercing the soul Spirit n body, it lasted a little bit . Maybe 45 sec to minute not sure But it blast ya oblivion kinda thing, so not sure what it was. Or about.

      The next night after that piercing sound i had this dream woke up 11.55am, in this dream i was on my bed going to sleep, then i believe was my cat on the bed and then for some reason it was my sister or daughter that was sleeping on the floor down the end of bed towards left side.

      I believe it may have been ny sister, she was having a nightmare talking in thier sleep, then same time there must a been a storm outside. Cause next thing i know, there was light coming in from the window because there was a curtian covering window at first.

      Now this happened either by lightening or something crashes up against the window or to part the curtian some how. More like the curtian was parted But seem like no hole thru window. I mean i felt no rain or cold air coming thru, but when it happened it might have been something that parting curtian for light to come thru the window.

      It scared my cat and my sister was having an nightmare so as i sat up on the bed to get up to go to my sister to tell her come up on the bed where you feel more comforable and feel safer. But as i swung my leg and arm over to get out of bed, it appeared the cat was on my right side of bed on the floor scared but grabbed either my arm or leg and wouldnt let go. Like wrapping cat arms around my arm All i could think of was having the cat and my sis on the bed for them to feel safe and peaceful. Then woke up

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      Yevette Edmonds

      The sound is as an SOS to get your attention to war in the spirit on behalf of your family. The bed is a place of rest and though you are confident in God’s ability to provide and protect all of your family members are not. The light from the window reveals the revelation that there is a coming storm/ crisis and you and your family will be protected as you war in the spirit. The light also reveals the truth of God’s word. Pray the WORD over your family. Remember the window was opened but you could not feel the elements. You are protected, however, you must stand in your God given authority as the HEAD.

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