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      Prayer for a legal situtation surrounding an investigation submitted by an illegal immigrant, its seems I am not allowed to discriminate against his rights, he became hostel and started calling anyone that would listen to him. He doesn’t have a social, a green card but I can’t fire him until proof of his status is proven. He filed charges and the District Attorney served a warrant, hand cuffed me and look all my office equipment and files. I will repair mistakes, but this person has done so much damage and so far it seems he has gotten away with it. So I am praying the two women that has gone after me with a vengenace our turned around to seek peace in the situation. I pray for my business to survive this one and the attack is dropped, my things returned without turmoil any futher. I pray for wisdom and peace to abide in me as this could make a person very angry. I pray for forgiveness in Jesus Name.

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