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    Dream on the morning of the 7th day of my husband and I; 21 day Daniel Fast. I did not know at first if I was personally was in the dream but suspected I was as I was going thru the motions in dream as I saw it.
    What I saw was maybe 3 or 4 of us not sure at first but know 3 of us for sure. After writing out dream I felt I was indeed in the dream. We were standing in line in a hall way or corridor. When realized a (the)line was on the other side of the wall. There was 2 doors that lead into the area where the line of people were, what looked to be a gym like area where the line of people were.
    From the gym area with line of people lead to another room inwhich that’s where people wanted to go to be heard or given something.
    One door down the corridor was an entrance to the gym like area but it was the long line or basically the end of the line people were in.
    But the other door n the corridor in which leads to the gym area also was the shorter way to the line inwhich we took cause it leads us straight to the line where we would not lose our place in line as the person in front of us did not mind that we got in line from the point when we were on the other side of wall in the corridor area.
    What I saw next was I preceived the first person in our group went into the room we all wanted to go in ahead of us first. But I did not see them go in. but just knew it to be so. I perceived I or the other person that was infront of me was still in line next to go in.
    Kinda fuzzy but not certian I preceived the the person infront of me in line motion for me to go ahead but that is fuzzy cause I just got woken up from the dream by my hubby who physically woke me up at that time.

    Special note I did not have the chance to participate in January Daniel fast as we did not have internet and we needed to get our house in order. Even though I did pray for those on the fast. Long story short when I read what you said about the dream or vision on pushing out the boats onto the water and also when you said some blessings were delayed because needed to go thru this. I said something to my hubby I wanted to do the Daniel fast after a day he agreed we do it together for 21 days. There is a peace like no other in this. I am blessed to have the presence of the Lord back in this home. So please keep us in prayer for month of feb. as I am praying for breakthru Thanks.

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