i found a bicycle and im with my stepdaughter..

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      Joel lopez

      I had a dream about finding a bicycle and angelise was with me and Angelise said the plastic handles ( the grips) on The Handlebar are crooked and the bike looks old let’s take it to the bike shop here in Belvidere so they can fix it for you.

      I told her I don’t think so because it’s going to be too much $, but she insisted so we went to the bike shop and they took the bike and it put it against the wall and they put it on this machine that would go over the bike( like a laminate)

      And it would begin to remove the defects one by one and it made the bike look brand new.

      While waiting for that to be done angelise was in the front of the bike shop browsing around & she saw some blue ink pens, but just the display box and  she liked those pens alot and she was looking for them in the bike shop.

       She asked The owner for help to find em and he said I can’t find those exact pens but I have something similar why don’t you try these and go outside and use them & see if you like them, and if you don’t you can always bring them back.

      Angelise Smiles and grabs the blue ink pen style  box & puts it close to her heart and we walked outside the bike shop with the bike i found that looks new now.. and then I woke up from the dream.
      Some parts i understand others i dont. Any help interpreting this dream will be grateful.

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      Shanawa Scott

      I’ve read Laura Harris Smith’s book “Seeing The Voice of God: What God is Telling You through Dreams & Visions. The dream dictionary suggests that a bicycle symbolizes a move of God in one’s personal life. Sounds like God is about to bring “newness” into some aspects of your personal life. Prepare for blessings!

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      I’m curious, is your daughter a follower of Christ now? That is what the dream is signifying. How old is she currently? Had she accepted Christ at the time of this dream, and did her faith somehow lead you into accepting Christ also?

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