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      Hubby Dream

      In dream i got a surprise regular phone call from my hubby, now my hubby was in jail but had to go to hospital to have surgery, so supposely they were transporting him back to the cell from the hospital after his surgery. but what i kinda gather was thier was some kind of rally and couldn’t go down that street. So somehow they stopped at this public place where they got out rest go to the bathroom ect..

      But the 2 transporting guys driving the vehicle was not concerned with my hubhy who was suppose to go back to jail. Infact thats when i recieved a surprise phone call from my hubby. Then next thing i see is my hubby is in the house where im at. He had handcuffs on but yet the weird part was he gave me a hug but it was like there was no handcuffs on him he put his arms around me,

      Next i didnt see my hubby then i was wondering where he went, i then saw he was in a different room where he was searching for something i gather maybe about a hollow space in wall then went to another spot in house looking at something, im not saying hideaway spot but the thing was it was like he was free nobody coming after him. There was peace. He was home with me out of jail. The 2 Transporting guys did not go after my hubby. I woke up around 8.48 so i was looking up verses Read 1Kings 8.48-66 to see if God would answer that way

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      Hello Hubby,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation. This dream could be interpreted literally (i.e., only if your husband has been in jail or there’s a possibility of him going to jail) or metaphorically/spiritually. I’ll focus on the metaphorical/spiritual interpretation.

      Your husband is/was “bound” (could be an addiction or something else, but definitely something that might be hidden from you) by something and as a result there was legal ground for the enemy to attack him. The following scripture Matthew 18:34 comes to mind in this context. It appears that there has been a change in his heart (perhaps repentance), God needs to work on him (surgery and hospital) and after that he is not bound. He may be tempted to go back to whatever it was that bound him but will not be tempted. Please pray for his complete deliverance and your support (query prayer) was/is key in turning things around.


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